Blogger Is Sucking…

Alright. No more fucking with fonts in posts. I can’t seem to change them back. Is it a Blogger beta thing? Is it a browser thing? In Firefox, I’ve still got my quick edits but in IE they seem to have disappeared. And “server down” messages abound!

*rethinks scrapping this because it’s early and moving to WordPress*

Ah well…

  1. sisiphusledge

    Hi there PA, ’tis me, Sisiphus. I am hoping that this comment does not get eaten by the beta blogger monster crap that seems to have devoured the other comments that I have sent to you on this site. If it doesn’t appear, I will email you to advise swapping to WordPress-things run somewhat smoother there.
    Take care,


  2. Patient Anonymous

    Hey, got your comment. Perhaps something is improving!

    But alas, other things are not. I tried to add some code to get me into google and it couldn’t get recognized/verified. This was per instruction from blogger support. I have posted a cry for help.

    I was in google, now I am not. The only thing that seem to be showing up are my posts to other peoples’ blogs. Although according to my silly little statistical anlysis/counter thingie, *someone* found me from google yesterday. I can’t possibly figure out how?!

    My head spins. I am techno dumb.


  3. sisiphusledge

    Err, do you think that my comment got through because I wrote in it that I’d suggest swapping if my comment didn’t appear??!! I mean are there little spies running about….(looks over shoulder, wonders whether Moscow might be involved….slaps self for being completely idiotic & puerile). I’ve had to get myself a book because I don’t understand these things either. I bought “Blogging for Dummies” by Brad Hill, last weekend. Trouble is, I aint got time to read it!
    Take care,


  4. Patient Anonymous

    Ha ha ha…oh, you make me laugh. Could you imagine if they flagged me for this entry?

    Well, blogger claims they support “free speech” so I don’t see how criticizing their product could be that inflammatory…

    *ponders for a moment*

    Anyway, I’ve been chatting with some of their support folks and they’ve actually been very prompt and somewhat helpful so that’s good.

    I’d never get a book. I don’t have the attention span to actually read it (or any book these days) or the patience level (i.e. skip directions and go directly to assembling product!)


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