For those who like to keep score, here are all of the meds that I have been on. They’ve invariably caused me some sort of wacky/ugly side effect and/or some have not even bothered to work at all. As always, I welcome any questions and if you don’t recognize a med here, just ask!

Diazepam/Valium (just a few days but what the hey)
Liothyronine Sodium/Cytomel (I know this looks funny on a head med list but it was used as an adjunct to Effexor)
Divalproex Sodium/Depakote (eh, three days inpatient but again, why not?)

So, I guess that pretty much covers every class except the tricyclics, the “old school” or “typical” APs (Antipsychotics) and the stimulants.

Strattera was a disaster. It’s kind of my own “fault” as I completely forgot that it’s basically an antidepressant–an NRI (norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.) I can not even be in the same room with an AD (Antidepressant!) Okay, it’s not that bad but they make me go positively nuts.

In 13 days, Strattera reduced me to a quivering, mumbling, mixed-state, ultradian cycling pile of rubble. Hey, at least I gave the drug 13 days. And the physical side effects were hell too. A gastronomic disaster and waking up at the crack of dawn just for the fun of it, basically.

Yep, developed in Sweden as an AD with terrible (or simply null?) results and now it’s an ADD med! I wonder if it actually helps ADD folks. No, really. I’m not being snarky. I do wonder. I guess there is some anecdotal evidence out there but I’ve had a bit of a hard time finding any studies.

But please, don’t get me wrong. I would never discourage someone from trying a med based solely upon my experience! That would be silly. We are all neurochemically diverse and unique.

Edit: April 2007 have now started taking Lamotrigine/Lamictal (again) and Quetiapine/Seroquel

Edit: August 2007 have now started taking Methylphenidate/Concerta/Extended Release Ritalin

Edit: August 2007 have dropped the Zopiclone/Imovane as the Quetiapine/Seroquel is enough and tossing in a Hypnotic along with the Atypical AP seemed a bit overkill and unnecessary.

Alright, so we need a bit of an update as per dosage. Topiramate/Topamax 200mg, Lamotrigine/Lamictal 150mg, Quetiapine/Seroquel 50mg, Methylphenidate/Concerta 36mg, Clobazam/Frisium (benzodiazepine used only as a seizure adjunct) 10mg, Rizatriptan/Maxalt (migraine med) prn.

Gastrointestinal: Esomeprazole/Nexium (Protom Pump Inhibitor for GERD) 40mg, Palafer (Iron Supplement for Anaemia) 300mg.

Edit: Have now gone off Palafer as I couldn’t stand it. My gastro loves me so he let me when I told him I refused to ingest one more little pill! We’re going to monitor for any future anaemia issues, I believe?

Edit: As of late December 2007, I have started taking 40mg of Biphentin which is exactly the same as Concerta, listed above. So far, it is only available in Canada. The reason for the switch was a more flexible titration schedule, basically.

Edit: In February 2008, Domperidone/Motilium was added to my arsenal. It is a gastrointestinal med that can be used for assisting digestion but also for nausea. I will be taking it for the latter if/when I have migraines during the day while at work. There is no way I could take Gravol/Dimenhydrinate or I’d be passed out under my desk!

Edit: In April 2008, Seroquel increased to 100mg, Topamax increased to 300mg and Valium added at 5mg one to two tablets daily prn.

Edit: In September 2008, Clobazam increased to 20mg and Lamictal increased to 200mg (for seizure management.)

  1. - brydz -

    how did you find venlafaxine? cos i’ve just started it.

    i’ve already tried Fluoxetine and Citalopram with no resultd


  2. Patient Anonymous

    Hi -brdyz-, I had an awful time with Venlafaxine. I can’t take any ADs because they exacerbate my cycling or “make me manic” and it also lowers my seizure threshold.

    I was on/off it for years up to 375mg when originally diagnosed with unipolar depression. I remained on it at lower dose after being diagnosed with Bipolar until I finally figured out that it was causing the manic symptoms.

    Bear in mind, however that some people with Bipolar can take ADs and have no problem. We’re all different.

    It might help you–see my point above. Effexor hits Serotonin and Norepinephrine receptors so it might give you some added benefit there. At high doses it also *might* affect Dopamine as well but it really depends on the dose–and the effect is generally thought to be pretty weak.

    Does that help you at all?


  3. Bri

    Wow, 50mg of Seroquel made me drowsy for about 10 hours… and I reacted hella crazy status. A bird flew in front of me and my brain was trying to wake up… and my heart rate increased and all that. o_o; Now I just take 25mg. I’ve barely started Lamictal… maybe two months ago or so? Maybe more, but it’s hard to keep track of time. I’m on 75mg. So far my psychiatrist thinks that’s alright… but I’m not so sure. *shrugs*

    I love how you’re keeping track. It’s a very useful resource.


  4. Hi Bri, true…everyone can react differently to all meds, their dosage levels etc… Sorry to hear about your 50mg and bird incident. I’m trying not to laugh but the heart palpitations aren’t great.

    The thing about Lamictal is the titration has to be very slow. Everyone gets rather upset about “The Rash” and how it can lead to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. It is very serious but the chances of getting that are fairly rare in my opinion as far as the drug is concerned. Still, it is a possibility.

    You need to monitor for any sign of a rash but it is only quite imminent to seek care if you start to feel ill, feverish, things like that. If so, off to the hospital! If you just become rashy and don’t feel sick, you can probably wait and just see your physician ASAP. However, I am not a medical professional. If you are at all concerned you should err on the side of caution–see someone quickly if you don’t know what is going on.

    You may need to discontinue the med or back off a bit and then start again–more slowly. It really depends upon what is going on, your health, the severity and what your doctor thinks.

    I broke out in a really bad rash from head to toe and was so itchy and going nuts over a weekend and could not see my doctor! This was years ago when I first tried it. I went to a stupid walk-in clinic and I had to actually explain what the med was to the doctor, what the problem was with the rash… I just gave up, stopped the med, loaded myself up with Benadryl/Diphenhydramine and that gave me some relief.

    When I saw my doctor, he gave me shit for stopping it and we restarted. Well, crap. It was only a day or two! It wasn’t like I went off it for weeks! Anyway, he said it was a viral exanthema. When I went back on it I was fine.

    Nonetheless, I don’t advocate stopping or monkeying with your meds.

    It’s a very tricky one, though. They all are but because of the slower titration it can take a lot longer to find out if it’s working and if it’s right for you. With a lot of the other ACs, you can ramp them up faster and you’ll get a better idea.

    Keep going with it and see how you fare. It’s really all you can do with any of them!

    Thank you for your compliment about keeping track. I actually have an Excel spreadsheet that has all of the above in all dosage levels, the dates when they were taken and stopped (or approximate as some were years ago!) the reasons prescribed, the side effects they had… I’m a little (a little?!) bit medical geeky. I bring it to every new doctor I see *laughing*

    I guess it does make discussing my med hx a bit easier.


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