Archive for December 3rd, 2006

Well, most of my weekends are pretty lazy. They’re my time to decompress from work, all things schedule-oriented (although I need schedule to function) and just relax. Except it’s also time to do household tasks. And in this weekend’s case, I’m still trying to beat this infection.

I watched the Liberal Leadership Convention on television all day yesterday. Yeah, I know. I can hear the multiple comments you must be making. They vary from to “Uber Geek!” to “Are you kidding me…BORING!” to maybe a couple of people saying, “Oh, I didn’t know she was into politics.”

Well, I’m not really but someone has to do something about our current Prime Minister “Bush Lite.” And don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into some crazy political rant or (heaven forbid!) blog because I’m really not that passionate about politics. If I was, I would be more crazy than I already am and probably need to be permanently institutionalized.

It (the Convention) was mildly interesting–when I wasn’t nodding off or channel switching in between updates. But man, was it long! The problem was, we had so many candidates (a few dropped out and backed others before the final voting) so they had to do four votes. And there’s all of this switching to others’ camps in between and for the most part, the commentary was gruelling. I mean, think of your favourite sport and how annoying that is. Now magnify it by about 20.

So now we finally have a new Leader of the Opposition in Parliament so we’ll see if anything exciting happens. Doubtful.