Vacationing During the Holidaze

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little cranky. This is the second day of my vacation and I’ve been going non-stop from first thing in the morning until into the evening. I mean, I’ve been busier on vacation than I normally am when I’m working.

That’s nuts.

  1. The Laundress

    Oh boy.

    I took two vacation days this week.

    First one, had a mammogram.

    Second one, took my kid for ultrasound and specialist visit.

    Yeah, I should have used sick days, but I used very little vacation time this year, because we weren’t sure if the kiddo’s health was going to blow up… now, have to “use it or lose it”.

    Next year, I resolve to take FUN vacations, that do not involve medical testing. Or ironing.

    You too?


  2. Patient Anonymous

    Man, I hear you on that one.

    Luckily, I can carry over my vacation days but I do run the risk of building up too many and before you know it, it gets a little bit silly.

    I have some (more) medical appointments coming up as well so I think I will try to take some time off for those.

    I also did blood tests while off during the last couple of days. Yay.

    I hope your kid is okay? I guess I should read your blog?

    My vacation (i.e. travel record) hasn’t been so great. I’ve either been sick prior to leaving or gotten sick upon coming home (or both haha) so yeah, vacation just seems to suck for me no matter what lately.

    *rolls eyes*

    It is good to get away from work though? Yes, that is good.


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