Did I Hear That Right?

I forgot about this. I meant to post about it the other night. I was watching Law and Order (too bad Dr. Deb is on vacation, even though it wasn’t SVU–I could have ran over to her blog for a quickie on the topic.) Anyway, I wasn’t really paying attention. There was too much going on in the house and it was late…anyway, my ears pricked up when I heard that a character died while overdosing on Depaquel(sp?). Huh? They said it was an antipsychotic. And just to be sure that I wasn’t hallucinating, they repeated the drug name three times during the episode.

Okay. Now I know that certain drugs can be sold around the world under various generic names but Seroquel is fairly new and I don’t know if the patent has run out yet for other companies to start producing it under another name other than the generic Quetiapine. So I was thinking, is this some new hybrid between either Depakote or Depakene and Seroquel? Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me. And you thought Zyprexa would pack on the pounds HA! And speaking of Zyprexa (aka Olanzapine,) it’s the only antipsychotic that I know of that has been souped up with another med, an SSRI–Prozac (aka Fluoxetine.) That is Symbyax and I’m sure that was years in the making.

I have yet to hear of any plans to combine anticonvulsants with antipsychotics. To me, it doesn’t make any sense. Granted, I’m no psychopharmocologist but anticonvulsants are too hit and miss. And although they may be considered mood stabilizers, technically they are not. They only true mood stabilizer as a class of drug is Lithium. The whole point of Symbyax was to assist with the depressive aspects of bipolar. So far in clinical trials (if memory serves,) the best drug in the anticonvulsant class (and what I’ve heard anecdotally–see, anticonvulsants are a crap shoot when it comes to treating the depression side of bipolar!) is Lamictal. So maybe the drug in the television show should have been called Lamiquel?

That got me thinking, maybe my spelling was off. Maybe it was Depoquel! That got me going down a whole different pathway. Maybe it was a combination of Depo-Provera (birth control) and Seroquel! Now this makes sense (and the victim of death was female…) This just might be marketable. Sometimes those manic episodes do lead to some pretty bad decisions… Hey, with the *new* “Depoquel” you certainly won’t have to worry about racing to get the “Morning After Pill!”

Now I googled every spelling variable possible and I can’t find anything. If someone in some country somewhere takes this version of an antipsychotic, please let me know. Nothing makes me angrier than misinformation in the media. I don’t know if there was some sort of copyright thing going on but if so, then they could have resorted to good old Haldol/Halperidol and leave it at that.

  1. Sisiphus

    Haven’t heard of “depaquel” or any spelling variant of that. Depacon, depakote, seroquel all in my usual formularies that I use here, but not that one. Is the programme you were watching fiction? If so, they possibly had to invent a name to prevent the prog. makers from being sued by manufacturers of the ‘evil'(!!) drug.

    So, my bet’s on your hearing being fine……but maybe someone else knows of this drug? My hubby hadn’t heard of it either (he’s another psychiatrist).



  2. Anonymous

    The combination of anticonvulsants with antipsychotics is an established regimen for treatment of lithium resistant types such as rapid cycling. However they are prescribed separately. Undoubtedly, some artistic license was used by the writers of L&O in the combination of depakote seroquel.


  3. Patient Anonymous

    Hi sis and anon: yes, I figured as such. I understand polypharmacy indeed as you mentioned but never in one little pill (apart from the combination I mentioned.)

    Artistic, license, I’ll bet! Thanks for your comments.


  4. Megan

    I take zoloft and clonarzapam.
    One for anxiety and the other for obsession.


  5. Patient Anonymous

    Hi megan, thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you want to talk meds or conditions anytime…


  6. If you want to hear a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for 4/5. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!


  7. Hi How to Get Six Pack Fast, welcome to my blog. Thank you for “rating” my post. I’ve never had anyone do that before! *grin*

    If you want to know anything about the “real” meds, just let me know. The one that was named on the Law & Order show was re-worked because of legal type reasons.

    Take care,


  8. Rebecca

    This is crazy, but I saw this drug in a pt chart Thursday. Now I can’t find it anywhere. So it has to be real, but idk where to find it…


  9. Hi Rebecca. Are you referring to the drug I mentioned within this post? Depaquel? If so, it’s not real. It’s basically a combined form of the two drugs linguistically. Like a psych drug portmanteau! One from the Depa- Family and Seroquel?

    Reason being, issues with companies about using “actual” names of drugs on televisions shows etc. Legalities, and that. This is true. Dr. Deb is a consultant for SVU and told me. I’ve known her for years!

    If I’m wrong about your comment, please let me know. If it was a patient chart, good old joke about “Doctor’s Handwriting?”

    Although, if it was a chart, Depa could stand for Depakote or Depakene. “q” stands for a lot. If the “q” ended up curling to look like a “u” leaving “el?” Well, now.

    Let’s see. What could look like an “el?”

    cf = with food
    u.d and u.t = as directed
    i.d. = four times a day (easy one but whoo, writing!) *laughs*
    qh = every four hours…still more fun writing!
    1h = every hour
    a.d = every other day
    fl = fluid
    ft = let it be made

    Okay, there are some suggestions?


  10. Anonymous

    I think it was made up so they won’t get sued by any pharmaceutical company for implying that their medication can kill or by giving it a bad name. Just like that Bfriendz was probably referring to MySpace ,they just couldn’t use it.


  11. Hi anonymous. Welcome, and pleased to meet you.

    The other Blogger I mentioned in this Post worked with the TV Show where I heard the name. We talked later about it in brief, mostly laughing because we’re friends.

    You’re basically on point with the first thing you said. However, it’s not exactly that simple. Here are some things that I can think of.

    Multiple issues with Big Pharma, Suppliers, Manufacturers,
    Patents, Pharmacies, Pharmacology, Patient Safety. I guess that’s what comes to mind at the moment.



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