My Gift To You…

Have you ever had an Earworm? They vary in contagion and duration.

I’ve got a relatively bad one now courtesy of so far, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. I wonder where else it’s popping up?

Why does the current selection in rotation on MP3 Of The Moment (see my right sidebar) appear on so many medical dramas? It must have something to do with the line in the chorus and title, “How to Save a Life” but if you really listen to the song, it has absolutely nothing to do with medicine.

Anyway, see if you can get the damn song out of your head. And it’s Top 40 type stuff. Not even my genre!


  1. Dr. Deborah Serani

    I didn’t know that was the slang name for the songs that get stuck in my head. Right now, it’s “Suddenly I See” by KT tunstall. Heard it on my daughter’s Ipod and the damn thing keeps looping in my head!


  2. Patient Anonymous

    Hi Deb, yes there is an actual term for the “phenomenon”…or annoying occurrence if you prefer!


  3. chrysalis angel

    Better than ear mites. ;) You know I’m joking with you P.A.


  4. Patient Anonymous

    Hi c.a., I know, it sounds like some kind of “thing”…ringworm, termites…like something really is going to crawl in there and build a nest or infest/infect you somehow.

    “Luckily,”(?) it’s just an annoying repetitive sound that will hopefully go away–or just be replaced by another one.

    I’m not sure which is worse, an earworm or tinnitus…the jury’s still out on that one! I guess it depends if you really like the song?


  5. - brydz -

    suddenly i see – was the theme song for season one of Grey’s and it gives you a really bad case of earworm, everytime anyone mentioned Grey’s i would hear that song!

    does anyone know what the song is that is the theme song for House season 2 (i think)? because that is my earworm at the mo. “gravity is working against me, gravity is pulling me down…”


  6. Patient Anonymous

    Hi -byrdz, if you’re referring to the song that plays at the beginning of the show, it’s called “Teardrop” by Massive Attack and features Liz Fraser on vocals from the Cocteau Twins. I have the song and enjoy both bands. Have for years.

    I don’t see anything about “gravity” in the lyrics so I’m not sure if this is the song you are looking for?


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