For -byrdz-…And Any House Fans…

Hey, I don’t “dedicate” posts to just anyone! I’m kidding… Listen, I’ll dedicate a post to whomever wishes. Just send me an email! I need all the inspiration to blog I can get, believe me.

So -byrdz- commented on my “Earworm” post below about what the theme song was for House since my last MP3 was that damn song that keeps appearing all over the place on medical dramas. Blame Grey’s Anatomy for carrying the torch.

So anyway, I tried to help out with my pithy response that it was “Teardrop” by Massive Attack featuring Liz Fraser from the Cocteau Twins on vocals. I’ve really liked both bands for years.

So in honour of that, I’ll now host that song. Looks like I’m starting a trend of hosting medical drama “theme” songs. Oh dear. That is not a good sign.


  1. Dr. Deborah Serani



  2. Patient Anonymous

    Hey Deb, glad you got a laugh…always happy to provide you (or anyone else?) with humour.


  3. - brydz -

    omg i feel special! i’ve never had a post dedicated to me! thanks very much PA, that wasn’t the song i was looking for, but i found it anyway! it was “Gravity – John Mayer” and it played heaps throughout the episode that i was watching!

    can we please not talk about what actually happens in House, because over here in New Zealand all the TV shows are a few seasons behind!


  4. Patient Anonymous

    Hey -byrdz-, happy to make your day! No problem, I won’t detail any episodes or plotlines etc… No spoilers given here!

    Take care


  5. Psychosomartyr

    Some of us like House spoilers (similarly behind in the UK) – perhaps you could post a spoiler warning or is that relying on people’s self-regulation?


  6. Patient Anonymous

    Hey, psychosomartyr, when often tired (now) I feel like shortening your name but that would make you sound…well, a lot more like ME!

    And make me sound rather rude. I’ll let you try and figure that one out…and no it has nothing to do with Christian metaphor.

    Anyway, I am always unsure of “spoiling” on my blog…I am rather impetuous little creature so yes, I can tend to just spill things rather easily.

    Perhaps people can simply email me if they want to know how Season 3 is moving along…*wink*

    Yes, it is Season 3, isn’t it? Oh dear, poor PA has memory issues. She may not even remember the episode in question to spoil!


  7. Psychosomartyr

    PM would be fine, PA.

    I like Hugh Laurie – he’s a remarkably droll actor.

    It is sometimes odd to realise how far behind we are in the UK. I think that most of the Law and Order franchises are somewhere around 2002. We are, however, shortly to have Series 2 of Grey’s Anatomy which is included by way of example rather than something that I can tolerate well.


  8. Patient Anonymous

    Hi PM…ha! Thank you for patently ignoring my keen sense of ridiculousness and bad humour–and for staying on topic. Something that I obviously have problems doing.

    Yes, I do love Hugh Laurie as well. A lot of other television is…well, truly mind numbing but I think that is the point of it. Just to sit there and *escape.*

    I do try and find some things that are interesting, intriguing and that do have good characters–things that appeal to me. Things that I have dreamed of doing since a child?

    These do often drift off into medical/scientific/anthropological/true crime/behaviourial sciences/psychology types of things if you are talking fictional serial drama. Or something…

    Movies are always fine. Documentaries always a good choice.


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