Archive for March 18th, 2007

That’s one thing done…there’s so much more to do though…

I chose the “501” because I realized today that this is the 5th time that I have had to run around rather madly trying to search for an apartment. And the second time due to a break up.

My life has rather strange re-occurring patterns. Actually, way too many of them but I’ll try to limit it to simply apartment hunting for now.

Today was rather stressful and lengthy. I viewed several units and well, really only one of them is probably suitable. I realize that I will never find the *perfect* living space. Really, there is no *perfect* anything in life. However, I must try to still find something decent that will satisfy necessary criteria.

I also must contend with the anxiety (apart from all of the other anxiety I am dealing with) of the “competition” of finding a space (even though it really is a renter’s market at the moment.) However there is still a lot of shit out there as I saw today. And I really hate shopping. For anything, especially “big ticket” items. When I do shop, I like to go in, grab what I need and get out as soon as possible.

How many places must I see? And I have limited time. And I am racing back and forth between almost opposite ends of the city…


I think I shall just take the last place I saw today and be done with it. I am still waffling about looking further but I really don’t know if I will find anything better. It seems “good enough.” I am afraid that if I don’t take it and I wait, I may end up getting stuck with something far worse. There are some things I don’t really like about it but again, nothing is perfect. Part of me sort of thinks, do I really care that much where I live anyway?

It snowed last night on top of it all as well. I spent far too long out in the cold all day today and now my head is positively clogged, my throat is killing me, I’m shivering uncontrollably and can not get warm. I think I’m getting sick. That figures.