Erm…New Blog URL?

I might be migrating to WordPress. I’ve kind of hated Blogger ever since I started and I just jumped on it because, well…I saw so many other people using it.

I don’t know.

It might take me an eternity to decide.

Or it might not.

And I’m not sure if it will work. It’s supposed to–so it says. But well, it’s not like I have any Pulitzer Prize worthy stuff on here anyway. However, I do appreciate peoples’ comments and links to their blogs for reference. Even if I had to start over (i.e. if everything sort of *disappeared* into the cyber ether in the process) I suppose it wouldn’t be the travesty to end all travesties.

More change though…


  1. Hi! I see you’ve got everything imported from Blogger. Now, I may be biased, but I say do it, come join us in the WordPressy-goodness. (Things actually tend to work properly on WordPress blogs – this might take a bit of getting used to after using Blogger).


  2. Wow! That was fast…you found me already! I’m having real problems with this template, though. when I chose it, I dragged the right elements to it–even just to try and set up my blogroll and fuck, I can’t even do that! Nothing’s showing up!

    It’s kind of a shitty template anyway as perhaps it’s only got the right sidebar to work with?

    I mean, maybe Blogger was shit from a “buggy,” reliability perspective but I can’t even seem to get set up properly here. I can’t even get my damn blogroll to show up!


  3. Okay, I’m a fucking idiot. The “Save” Button helps.

    Good lord I need some more tea.

    Thanks for coming by so quickly chimpy…that was a realy surprise!


  4. sisyphusledge

    Yeah,(cough), PA that button says “S A V E” ; it is rather important. But seriously, once you get used to it, it is so much simpler, straightforward and you have a variety of different templates with widgets for side bars and all sorts of things. You’ll have fun if you are like me and like a change of sceney from time to time.


  5. Oh, to anyone who’s looking–I changed my template. Maybe this one’s a bit better than the original one I had taken a look at in the first place. My “web design” (and any design) skills are quite lacking so really, it’s probably pretty academic.


  6. You’re so funny-Sis…better put that in there as everything’s a disaster through this thread. Yeah, I’m kind of dumb like that. I’m also the kind of person who generally refuses to read instructions prior to assembly. No patience and I think I know everything anyway. *smirk*

    Hey, at least you can comment over here!!! Yes, I just need to figure everything out but I guess if I could get a handle on Blogger I can get a grip on WP? It is prettier though so that’s nice hehe.


  7. Okay wtf…this is one UGLY comment section. Everything’s is completely out of order as I hadn’t set up my correct time for EST. Holy crap what the hell? Let’s see where this one ends up then? As if the goddamn ADD wasn’t bad enough.


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