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Alright, I need to break all of this depressing crap that I’m spewing and post something fun!

Now I have a link to this show in my sidebar: The Rick Mercer Report. I absolutely love it and it makes me laugh out loud. Not many things can do that (i.e. television shows or movies and the like.) This was one of my favourite clips from one of the episodes. And in case you’re wondering…I roll terrible ones.

I’ve been packing.  My partner has been helping me.  She made a comment earlier in the week that after her cousin had a colonoscopy, she was out for a couple days afterward.  Hmmm.  I have an endoscopy to be done as well so she is concerned that the weekend after, I may not be too functional.  The following weekend is the move.

I’ve also been out to the new apartment to do some measuring.  I needed to see it again as not being a visual person, I couldn’t really remember it and also, my spatial abilities are more lacking than they already were to begin with.  I blame the meds but it could be possible mental deterioration as well.  Shit, the place is small.  Especially the bedroom.  My bed is pretty much going to take up the entire room.  Oh well.  I think I can make everything else manage.  I’ll just have to, I suppose.  We currently have a huge one bedroom and I suppose I could have rented one very large as well if I was willing to go out of my budget but I am trying to be smart with my money.

My colleague and his father have managed to come through–at least to come and have a look to do some painting.  Again, upon a second look, it was interesting.  I realized that the colours weren’t exactly as I had remembered.  It also has lovely exposed brick which I absolutely love but of course, some idiot in the past has painted over it.  It would be ideal to have it restored but that is completely out of the question price wise.  There is a lot of white.  More than I remember so I could just simply white wash it all and be done with it.  I will see what they suggest as I have no clue and am completely uninspired at this point.  I can’t “decorate” to save my life anyway.

My partner has gone out now.  A friend came by to take her out.  All of our friends are (or were) her friends so I don’t know if they will remain my friends in the future.  If they are open to it, I am but I guess it remains to be seen.  My partner is also going out this evening as well.  Ah, alone time.  Best get used to that as well.  Will have lots of that in the near future.  But that is the course to be pursued.

She’s either been going out a bit or spending time in the other room when we are together? Or perhaps I am imagining it? Maybe it’s because I come home and spend time fiddling on the computer most of the evening? I don’t know.

So yes, she and her/our friend went to go out and buy her a bed.  When they left, I said, “Have fun.”  Fuck me.  The things that come out of my mouth sometimes.  I just want to shoot myself when I don’t express myself correctly or say things impulsively.  I should be gagged most of the time.