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…or maybe it already has…

Welcome to prep day! You know, I am so glad I took today off.  This would not have been a pleasant experience for co-workers.

I’ve already been running to the toilet two times in an hour since I’ve been up and started the whole process.   I keep having to drink gallons of water to chase down the lovely first dose of Pico-Salax (Picolax in the UK…don’t know if it’s in the US–if not they’d give you something else assuredly.)  I have to take the second in the afternoon.  And then, I have to chug a bottle of Citromag (another laxative/purgative) at 1900hrs this evening.  Goodness, I should be cleaned out by then?!

Now I remember taking Citromag as a teenager for some reason–I don’t remember being scheduled for any lower GI procedures so why on earth a doc would tell me to take it, I have no idea.  Sheer torture?  But I had to be yanked out of class, doubled over in pain, just crying my eyes out.  And yes, I was crapping myself silly.  I hope it doesn’t have the same result.  So far, I’m okay with the Pico.  I’m just feeling kind of sick.  But I also took my Lamictal today so I’m kind of out of it there too.  Unless it ended up down the toilet with my other morning meds but I think I gave it enough time to get into my blood stream? Who knows?  And I also got shit sleep last night.  Ha! Oops.  I didn’t mean to slip that in there.  Sorry.

No food today, just clear liquids but that’s okay.  I have no appetite anyway.  Not eating is now second nature to me.