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Scopes: Done

Well, I’m home now, have had some food and am still fairly out of it courtesy of the IV Demerol and (I think) Versed/Midazolam.  One of the side effects of the latter is anterograde amnesia and indeed, I kept looking at my chart in recovery (I always do this during hospital stays) and I can’t remember the second drug’s name!  Not much else was written on the chart either.  Something under “Dx” (i.e. diagnosis) but it was an acronym that didn’t make sense to me–and no, I can’t completely remember it.  Perhaps something about gastric erosion? I have no idea.

My gastro went for conscious sedation so apparently I wasn’t completely knocked out at all.  He and the nurses did a good job of it though.  I was basically “gone” for the entire endoscopy and “woke up” briefly when they were finishing the colonoscopy so I watched a bit on the monitor while he took some biopsies.  Or again, maybe I was “there” for more but I really just don’t remember it.  I listened to him banter with a new nurse who had apparently entered the room and I tried to contribute to the conversation but was verbally pretty useless.

So then, I took forever trying to get dressed and not fall over.  I waited for my gastro and he said everything “looked good.”  Well, I think what he really meant by that is that there’s nothing serious going on.  It was basically “Biopsy Central”–I think he said he took them from everywhere–so he said to call and make a follow up and then we’ll take it from there and decide on a course of action?

We confirmed my GPs instructions to begin supplementing with iron for the anemia.  She had wanted me to do that when I had my physical a couple of weeks ago but the gastro’s office said hold off.  All iron supplements needed to be stopped seven days before the colonoscopy so no point in trying build up my iron stores and then just knocking them down again.   Anway, I’ll talk to her about that when I see her on Monday.

I should probably go lie down now.  I was up in the night still shitting–I was doing it right up until the procedure.  I’m tired and should probably take advantage of these lovely drugs still in my system.