Archive for April 15th, 2007

Today has been fairly busy. I managed to do most of the kitchen and bathroom which sorely needed cleaning first. Now while I was here yesterday with the movers, while washing my hands in the bathroom, I noticed that when turning on the tap, the bathtub filled up with water. Surely that isn’t right. So yesterday, I thought I’d better pick up a plunger.

Now, I’ll admit, I really don’t know anything about plumbing. But still, something was plaguing me about the bathtub drain and either way, it had to be able to empty somehow.

So while I was trying to get some energy to do all of this housework, I decided I needed some inspiration, musically. I have a couple of antique stereos. One I bought and one owned by my grandparents, now deceased. I reached for the first album in a box and it happened to be an album by the Gay Gordons. I’m trying to find a suitable link to add but my connection is being erratic right now as “The Cable Guy” has not yet arrived. But you can do some Google searches if you like. I haven’t really found any good web pages anyway and Wikipedia doesn’t offer much on them.

The album is ‘The Gay Gordons Vol. 2 Rob Gordon & His Scottish Dance Orchestra.’ Yes, I am indeed eclectic? I can’t even remember where I bought it. Some wild and wacky hypomanic spending spree in a second hand record store. I just liked their name and thought it might be interesting? Truly, I do like to buy music “on spec.”

Anyway, it is fun to listen to and I do like the first track: ” The Dashing White Sergeant.” It’s great. So after doing my “jig” with the plunger, all seemed to be in order. Don’t think I could do a real jig, though.

But more plumbing problems abound. It seems there’s a small problem with the kitchen tap. The…I don’t even know what you call it…faucet attachment, thingy on the end tends to pop off with the water pressure or it sprays out at the top. I was busy doing something, cleaning, bent over and had the water running and without realizing, it was soon raining all over the room. I had to keep “rescrewing” it. And yes, the washer is inside and it looks like it’s in good condition?

I like to be self-sufficient and living on my own long enough has taught me to be so but again…renting has its surprises. I wonder what else I shall find?

So I paid my social call to the upstairs tenant as I said I would yesterday (PA keeps her word.) We had some tea and a nice talk. We dished the dirt on the landlord (might be some more scary stories in the future there but at least there are three of us here to rely on each other for help.) We also talked about the other tenant. I met him briefly yesterday and he seems nice as well. We’re all around the same age (mid-to-late 30s,) we’re all “artsy,” we’re all smokers and we’re all Mac users (ha!) And she even suggested we get a router for internet purposes to save cash. I mentioned the fact that I’m getting a signal–god knows how–and she said maybe off the lower tenant’s router? These things I know nothing of.

I told her I was a nutter. Her father is in a relationship with someone who is Bipolar. All well and good. Lots of crazies out there. She seems a very caring soul. She even gave me a banana and some cookies and offered me more food as I haven’t got much in the house. I couldn’t take anything more from her…I felt bad.

She offered to go and get the other tenant to chat but I felt I had stayed long enough. She also said that she is the one who generally holds all the “parties” and something about “Thanksgiving Dinners” of past. Okay? So this is kind of a social house?

Hmmm. Maybe things won’t be so bad here…