Yes, we all do it, it’s fun to see how on earth people seek us out. I’ve finally been online with WordPress to garner some interesting, humourous, bizarre and frightening results.

one citromag bottle in the ass – Well, no. It’s an oral preparation and using it as an enema would not be good. It’s also carbonated so it would probably hurt like hell. It’s also designed to cleanse your lower gastrointestinal tract so an enema wouldn’t quite get you there.

wristbands for bipolar 1 patients – Hey! Let’s not be exclusionary! Wristbands for all! That way, we’ll all know everyone’s diagnoses so it will be easier to know who to chat with at parties! Or who to avoid if we get scared…

sleeping parper – HA! Yep…that about sums me up right now. I think I should rename my blog this one.

oh shit i turned into my mother button – Indeed…we all wish we had one of those, didn’t we?

doctor fuking patient – I suppose this crosses some ethical boundaries but who am I to judge? I’ve never blogged about this so I suppose some random keywords as I do swear a lot. And no, I’ve never fucked any of my doctors.

oh my god i’m on fire – me too, sweetheart…

high functioning aspergers on a bike – HFAs can ride bikes. As long as their meds–if they’re on any–don’t make them lose their balance. I know my meds can make me a bit clumsy so I have to be a bit careful on my bike…so I found out the last time I was on it.

restraining techniques for bipolar child – Okay, I’m not an expert on either raising children, Bipolar or otherwise but I would STRONGLY not recommend this. However, I did blog in all seriousness about this.

how to add another head to another body – Alright now either someone is playing Dr. Frankenstein or…? However, I have often yearned for a head transplant or at least a brain transplant so I can sympathize with this searcher no matter how inane it might read.

eyes burn can’t walk seizures – Good heavens! And you can still type at a computer? Get yourself to a hospital immediately and quit reading my blog!

  1. sleeping parper

    I think that was my fault. Sorry ;)


  2. You’re fucking funny. What I can’t figure out is how the hell it got a hit…? Or registered or whatever. I don’t remember seeing that in any comment section? I certainly know I didn’t include “parper” in a post. Fuck, I had to look it up. No matter how much more I’m becoming enculturated as someone from the UK ;)

    Unless WPs terms are all bogus too. That would be sad though because they really do provide such entertainment at times.



    Both parp and sleep mentioned in the same posts comments. Clearly a stoatmagnet.

    I don’t think google makes too much fuss over verbage. I parp, you parped, they parpeth, we are parping. They have the whole semantic search thang going on.


  4. Okay, I’ve had too much beer to even decipher what you are saying…


  1. 1 More Search Term Madness « Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case

    […] April 17 2007 […]


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