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*ahem* (clears throat)

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birday Dear _____________

Happy Birthday To You!

PS – Your song is on it’s way and I’m sure you are going to love it…not much of a “birthday present” but, eh?

I tried to find a certain song via YouTube to post but I can’t find it so I will send it personally. I had a pint for this person but things again got a little out of hand. It was a little like Alice falling down the rabbit hole and a bit of LSD (even though I’ve never done LSD…it was just a lot of overstimulation.)

It’s a lot I can’t talk about right now but the worst thing is that…basically…is that I was sexually assualted…Similarly to when I was a teenager and a boy grabbed my genitals very violently in high school in a hallway when I was in gym class.

This happened tonight when I was in a bar. I was taken home in a cab by an ex-boyfriend and his now partner but that is a whole other story. Running into them, I mean.

I know it’s not like rape or penetration or ripping off of clothes or really violent contact but it still feels like a violation and it still upsets me like the time it happened when I was 15.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to YOU dear friend and I will send you the song. Sorry this post is so screwed up and not really a “Happy Birthday ” post. But you know me anyway…