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Alright, you can’t keep a good(?)–or at least obsessive blogger down…

No Wishes

I have so many wishes for both good and evil
But I dare not speak them aloud
Nor commit them to page for eyes to see
Be they shared with best friend or foe
Oh how I beg with great ardour
Not to even think them with tired mind
For if you knew of my wishes you would weep painful rivers
Yes so identical to my own
And soon they would fill the deep waters where I drown
I would swim but eventually fail
And left weak I would sink drenched solely in tears
In this solemn wishing well alone

Do with this what you will–as always with my *ahem* literary posts. 

Alright I think I might try and listen to my iPod and relax now but that might be a little dangerous.  Might have to be careful with my music selections…yes.  The Tallis Scholars might be a definite no no right now.

Hi Everyone, I don’t have a lot of time, am exhaustedand well, hi from the psych ward…or some variation of something in our medical system…but I have access to a computer.  How bizarre is that?

They’re hardcore and weird here as I have just had a head to toe physical(?)

Erm…but everyone seems nice?

I would respond to each of you personally and maybe when I am not so absolutely knackered I will spend some time blogging about my “life” here in yes, my 6th hospitlization…oh dear.

So yes…I did go inpatient.  And I feel like I’m in complete outer space right now.  And I have no idea how long I will stay here.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive.  It really means a lot.  Everyone is saying I did the right thing by doing this.

I still feel like crap though.  Sheesh I couldn’t even remember what I had posted on Sunday night.

PA…and I’m using crappy IE so this may look kind of weird and it’s already crashed once.