I told you all? Oh Seroquel.  It’s actually kind of fun.  I should enjoy it while it lasts though.  My body will get used to it and I probably won’t enjoy these enjoyable effects.  Basically, Seroquel gets me pretty stoned.

Everything is funny.  Nothing is funny.  I giggle for no reason.  I guess that’s pretty good in light of recent circumstances? Laughter is therapeutic.

As for any negatives? I’m a little bit dizzy, my mouth is dry, I become sedated but that’s kind of the point, am nauseous, perhaps lack of appetite (the latter two are certainly no hardship or anything new after the last several months.) However, I still didn’t sleep well! I started to get drowsy (was still all giggly mind you) and did fall asleep but still kept waking up and yes, was awake early.  I was still out of it enough to get back to sleep alright but another problem is that I was freezing

People have always said that PA must have ice running through her veins.  I’m not a cold person characteristically or emotionally–or at least I don’t ever mean to be.  If I am it’s unintentional and probably just because I am unaware and typically in outer space/consumed with something else or just lost in my own thoughts.  But physically I am cold, cold, cold! Just about all of the time but definitely at night! I can usually be quite comfortable in long sleeves and pants in the middle of summer unless it is sweltering here.

So anyway, I think this post is relatively coherent.  If not…?  Sorry, I think my blog is declining.  No one is responding to my posts anymore so I think everyone is indeed getting tired of my “life on the inside.” I don’t mind.  I’m still going to keep writing about it.  It’s therapeutic too.

Yes, it’s a funny place.  Between the more stable (relatively speaking, we’re all in here) nutters on my floor and the others we see outside…whew!

We all talk on our floor, it becomes show and tell with our cutting scars, talk about our prior admissions to wards, our “addictions” and problems…

One man outside just asked me for some of my water.  I was like, “No!” I was having a smoke with Funny Gay Guy who I think has now become my best buddy here because he just makes me laugh so hard and I said to him re: the other guy, “Oh yeah, sure…lick my cup!”

Now there’s a euphemism you can keep.

  1. Hey Pa. Just because you’re sitting around in a padded room with nothing better to do than write blog posts, doesn’t mean we all don’t have to earn a crust ya know!
    We still love you…


  2. SJK

    keep on posting what you wanna,when you wanna.

    i think you will find that most folk who read and comment on yer blog are concerned about your wellbeing.
    whether they know you in the “real world ” or not.


  3. Hi gloomy…thanks. “Earn a crust.” Another good one. Have to add that to my growing lexicon. “Grotfelchery” is still my favourite so far that you’ve said, however *wink*

    Hey, SJK, thanks again for commenting. Yes, I have received a lot of support and it really means so much.

    In a way though, I do kind of look forward to blogging about something else than being in hospital. Gee, maybe that’s a sign I’m getting better? Naw, couldn’t be! Far too soon? Might just be the Seroquel…(aka zombification effect.)

    *stares at screen*
    *giggles at self*
    *giggles at blog*


  4. sisyphusledge

    Still reading….just lurking mainly.
    Continue to be concerned and it is interesting to read.


  5. Hi PA – laughter is therapeutic and so is writing. Glad to hear meds are helping you to feel better and that you have a friend in there that you enjoy. you are doing some good stuff for yourself – keep it up. :)

    You are creative and intelligent. If you want to talk about something else – them pick a topic off the news or from anywhere. First of all – do what is good for you. you will draw whoever is meant to comment. Also, blogging goes in cycles and people come and go based on other activities too. Sometimes I just lurk other times i write my version of war and peace. :)


  6. Hi, Sis, good to see you and thank you for your concern as always *grin* Feel free to lurk away and comment whenever you wish? As I was saying in another post to…oh dear…brain lapse…I believe it was…oh, let me check! Yes, that’s better was losing it, all comers welcome…lurkers, commenters alike. But you are a “long time subscriber” so again, always welcome!

    Interesting to read, hmmm? Well, I’d like to be able to offer a more enlightened perspective to what it is like to be in a psychiatric facility but I don’t know if I’m doing a good enough job. Perhaps if I was more on the ball, I would do it more justice?

    Hi SeaSpray, good to see you too. Thank you for your kind words and compliments. Oh dear. I am not feeling very creative and intelligent at the moment! HA!

    Yes, I seem to have met a very fun man here and he is keeping me laughing which is very good. Well, I suppose I make him laugh too? Anyone who knows me knows I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour and it also borders on the inane. Or insane for the moment?

    He’s actually working on our “itinerary” for next week…he’s so peppy and hyper and finding out all of these things about our facility whereas I’m just sort of…sitting here.

    I guess that’s good? Some things I can’t do with him as I am too weak physically (like going to the gym?!–I think I’d keel over–certainly right now) but others I will be able to manage. A couple quite funny(?) so if we do undertake them, stay tuned! In fact, we kind of messed up tonight.

    Oh hell, I’ll just write a post about it now since I don’t know what else to do with myself at the moment and I’m feeling a bit anxious and stirred up and can’t sit still.


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