Well, I made it. Major anxiety getting here but I’m “here.” And bored. And I don’t have much motivation to do anything but mess around on the computer. And I’m trying not to think about staying here. I can go back to the ward any time tonight. They’ll have all the doors locked but I have the number for Nurses’ Station on my floor so I could basically show up whenever and they’ll let me in. It’s already late now so the doors are indeed locked. I don’t know what to do. I’m having major decision crisis. I just feel like staying up all night. I’m in avoidance mode. I guess the most important thing is that I come back some time before Monday morning? I suppose I could go through all my work email since I now have a decent internet connection? Somehow that isn’t very appealing at the moment. I am bringing MacBook with me as I bought some CD-RWs for some of the other patients on the ward to burn some music for them if they want. And so I can play on my computer whenever I feel like it as there is a LAN connection in another room! How’s that for awesome! I might still be able to get wifi but I’ll pack up cables anyway.

I really can’t think of anything to write so now that I can see my blog I thought I’d look at who’s been visiting, repost my YouTube that didn’t appear (that I don’t even know if anyone listened to or watched since it might not have been to their taste and I found a better one) and write about the latest (and not so) greatest search terms:

Doctors Fuking: Now oddly enough this came up twice recently. Someone is persistent in wanting me to blog about this? Well, I have no “intimate” knowledge of this but I am sure they do. I read an interesting article about the rising “asexual movement” the other day…but basically, I’m pretty sure that the majority of the population has sex. Doctors included.

Seroquel taking away TD: No, this doesn’t happen. But it doesn’t really cause it at high doses, either. It’s, if memory serves, one of the better ones for not causing TD. But it can at higher doses. All of the Atypical Antipsychotics can but they are better than the first generation ones.

Asshole Patients: Well yes, there are some. I’d like to think I am not one of them. I’m actually quite quiet and polite. As a patient and a person.

I knew my parents were swingers: Yes apparently my sister as well but I was somewhat unaware as I was a bit younger when this was happening. My parents were terribly irresponsible and fucked. No pun intended.

Agoraphobia think right: Good motto for a T-shirt. You can’t always do it though. I did manage to make it back to my apartment today so I guess there is hope.

I used Tantum now my tongue hurts: Oh! I’m sorry! That’s not supposed to happen! Usually it just gets a bit numb…

In ER what is the name for the diner the: I am assuming the rest of this is “there.” Wow, what kind of hospital are you looking for? Usually no food in the ERs…most people are NPO until they are seen?

Headcase: Thanks For The Memories: Hmmm. Does someone out there wish me to stop blogging? Or they found at least something of value and are gone?

Six Headed Person: Okay, I really don’t now how this led to my blog. I know somewhere I think I mentioned a head or brain transplant or something? But I never got into anything resembling a mini human hydra?

Unreliable friends: Oh dear…don’t get me started *sigh*

Why can’t i do something: See above.

Ahem, Mike: Oh, maybe I’ve inspired someone to do some impromptu poetry reading or singing! That’s awesome!

Past Search Term Ridiculosity:

April 17 2007

  1. SJK

    what is TD?


  2. Hi SJK, TD stand for Tardive Dyskinesia. It can be a side effect of some Antipsychotics (aka “Neuroleptics.”) Basically, repetitive, involuntary motor movements.


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    […] May 05 2007 […]


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