Archive for May 6th, 2007

Does anyone know why a whole whack of music just “appeared” under SHARED in iTunes called: tanga tunes? It was never there before.  I clicked on it and it required a password…uh…okay.  I’ve never seen you so what could your password be? Well, as I’ve found with monkeying, unknown passwords can sometimes the name of the file/network etc… itself? This was the case with “tanga tunes.” So I typed that and gee, now I have almost 4000 songs sitting there who knows if I’ll like any of them but at least they’re not in my Library and then would be automagically synched to my iPod.

So any ideas? Was this some kind of upgrade/gift from iTunes?

I’m so happy to have my MacBook here! Although, the room below is the place where I am currently hooked up so I can’t stay here forever. They use it for group sessions etc… during the day but I’m sure I can park myself here in the evenings. Oh dear. Little computer junkie PA’s back! I can’t get a wifi signal anywhere so no playing with MacBook in bed. Probably just as well or I might be up all night.

Okay, so to respect peoples’ privacy and maintain anonymity, I decided not to run around and shoot the entire ward. Also, I might get in shit for that. Oddly enough, I’m surprised that I’m even allowed to have all of my various electronic gadgetry in here. Computer, iPod, mobile phone…is there anything else I can hook myself up with/to?

So let’s start with the Ping Pong or Table Tennis Table. That last one sounds odd. Try saying it 10 times!…anyway, one young man started playing a “solo” game with it bent up against the wall like that. I wanted to throttle him. I mean, I love my Newton’s cradle (that still needs to be replaced) but the unbelievable noise he was making! I could barely stand it and thankfully he stopped, short of me marching out of the room practically screaming! And trust me…PA doesn’t scream! Well, perhaps only in very few circumstances?

Note the piano…why do they always–well not always but frequently–have pianos on psych wards? It really would be nice if someone could actually play whenever I’ve been admitted but usually someone just bangs away at it and makes a lot of noise. Non-musically. I think so far, no one’s been “crazy” enough to do that here or at least it’s far away enough from my room if it’s actually happened.

TV. There’s another one in another “lounge” area. They are always really loud, sometimes blasting at near full volume, basically because of the fans/air vents. Either that or psych patients are all hearing impaired too. Good thing my ADD allows me to hyperfocus as now I have a couple of people in here with me and I’m not even paying attention to *looks up*…The Simpsons.

Also a VCR and DVD player that you can’t see. A stereo that doesn’t really work half the time that we’ve used for Music Therapy so we end up playing through the DVD player. I opted to bring in my iPod for music selections but since they’re not hip enough here to have a Bose Sounddock or anything (kidding) it won’t work. But we could all gather around MacBook! Okay, I’m being really silly now.

Oh, and I didn’t get the clock on the table! There’s a man here with a bit of paranoia and psychosis–but he’s not scary or anything *wink* and he can’t handle the ticking of clocks in rooms. Even though the clocks around here are pretty quiet. Again because of the air fans/ventilation, TVs, people talking…I mean, pretty hard to hear the tick of a clock. But nope, clock must be taken down, battery removed…all of it! So the other night, a nurse came in and was sort of wtf? We explained it to her and who presumably did it and that he had probably taken the missing battery. I left yesterday and the clock still sits on the table, battery-less and well, that’s that.