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Yes, you all know how I have no shame and will go to nearly any length to prove how completely ridiculous I am on my own blog–or even others’ *shrug*

However, I blame this all on Amy, a new commenter but apparently a relatively(?) long time follower of “Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case.” She posted a YouTube clip on her blog from House and well, PA’s mind started to wander…

So if you haven’t realized this as I have mentioned it before, I do have a “thing” for this beautiful woman…Lisa Edelstein, aka Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House.



I’ve been thinking about trying to do some more creative writing–like I don’t have enough on my mind *rolls eyes* But really, thinking about writing is always on my mind, just maybe not always at the forefront. I don’t really consider writing this blog all that “creative.” I think it’s mostly just a lot of kvetching and griping with perhaps a slight bit of educational insightfulness thrown in? At least the odd commenter tells me this (thank you dear commenters…you make me feel good when you say such things.)

All of the posts in the Literary category have been older things I’ve written, save the two blogging “challenges” and some “quotable” items written by other people. I’m running out of older material. This just might be the last one I throw up.

Heh.  I just made myself laugh.  My writing? Throw up? Indeed, it does make me feel sick sometimes.

I never know what to think of my writing. Most of the time I positively hate it. I co-led a community writing group for a while. It was kind of fun but it went on hiatus due to lack of membership. It’s now up and running again but with someone else at the helm.

Writing is challenging for me, to be sure. I am generally a non-fiction reader so I find writing fiction terribly difficult. And I also think my poetry is disastrous as well. Oh dear.

Well, without further adieu…

Robin’s Egg

Do you remember when you were a child
Climbing trees, scraping knees
Seeking your prize in the boughs of your heavens?
A small growth of nature the most fragile
Possession you dreamed to hold?
The shape, the colour, the wonder, the fear
As you cradled it in your dampened palms you raced home
Eager to display your capture
That is how I see you
So fragile and pure, a piece of existence I’ll never know
As I wrap my Robin’s Egg in tissue and cotton
I hold your heart in trembling hands
As beauty overwhelms me
I sit and await your birth

Some further comments: No, this wasn’t written for anyone or with anyone in mind. Just a general piece.

Also, not long ago, I found an almost fully intact robin’s egg on the way to work. I did wrap it in tissue (I didn’t have any cotton on me haha) and placed it on my desk. I was going through something very, very bad at the time and thought it might give me some hope. I’m not really into talismans or anything like that but it was interesting as shortly after I placed that little robin’s egg on my desk, my “rescuer” as I will call him came to my aid. The situation got worked out (although it took a long time) and it just kind of made me think.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my little robin’s egg anymore. It broke. I know…that’s kind of sad, isn’t it? But they are such fragile things. I think I knew I probably couldn’t keep it forever.

Wow, PA really screwed up last night. Blame it on a case of mistaken identity. Or double identity? Or PA just being plain old stupid?

Apparently PA has a problem reading. She checked her email and thought one was from someone, a blogger she has been communicating with but it wasn’t. It was from a different blogger with the same first name.

She disclosed some rather personal information. Now PA actually does communicate with a select few other bloggers “off blog.” She’s gotten to know them to varying degrees but nonetheless, she has actually *gasp* disclosed personal details about herself and given up some of her anonymity. Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.

But last night, let’s just say she got to know another blogger a little bit better than intended.

So make sure you read and check your email carefully folks!