Just An Update Because I am Bored

Well, it looks like I will be starting the outpatient program the week of June 04. I could have done it this week, but I suck*. And I still want to enjoy the rest of my time off doing as little as possible–basically sitting around sucking* some more. And I have a couple of appointments that are going to suck too.

We will be upping the Lamictal to 125mg so hopefully that will help me suck* less.

Maybe I should change the new Tag/Category to PA sucks*?

Yes D., welcome to public displays of self-loathing and anger and pessimism (you’ve already seen embarrassment.) Although I’ve probably been more ranty and harder on myself somewhere on this blog? If not, it’s only because I suck*.

How strange to write a rather optimistic post on the weekend and now be so grumpy, eh? As you said, “People suck.” I know, I know…a different context but believe me…I sure feel like I’m sucking* in a big way right now.

And I think I must be sucking* too as I haven’t garnered any comments lately.  I know that a) it’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US so people are busy there and b) comments can tend to come in waves but nothing over the last couple of days when usually there is always something.

Hmmm.  Maybe people have finally gotten tired of all of my whinging and come to the conclusion that PA sucks*.

* – All references above to myself sucking are not valid…I know don’t really suck…I’m just having a bit of a crappy day.  However, my appointments may still very well suck and well, unfortunately some people do suck so we’ll just leave it at that.


  1. dear pa,

    i suck. i’ve been hanging around outside, enjoying the weeding and the weather. what a lousy commenter i turned out to be.

    ok, back to my memorial day weekend…..


  2. It’s Spring Bank Holiday here in the UK, too – at least I think it is, my sense of what day it is being what it is – which might explain the quietness.


  3. You’re funny anonymous mom, I hope you’re having a great long weekend.

    Hi chimpy, I didn’t know there was a long weekend in the UK as well. Yes, that might explain things there too. Well, right now every day is still a holiday for me but I’d better get used to that changing soon.


  4. sodajerk

    youseem to be realising you do not suck,this is good as it is just not true.the fact you keep mentioning it,even in a self deprecating way is juast cause you are still down,i tyhink.

    when i am/was down i find it almost impossible to do anything,and keep on heading back to bed to sleep(which seems to come easy,like my brain switches off due to lack of activity.)

    at the moment i am seemingly gettin by on about 4 hours sleep a night….life is so easy..work is the proverbial piece of p!sh……..my memory seems to be back…i am playin ma geetar again….rading books and watching/buying CDs/DVDs.

    it does seem a bit like dreamland.but i am just gonna surf the wave of good stuff for as long as it lasts.


  5. Hi sodajerk, yes I always try to use self-deprecating humour–both in life and on this blog. A lot of the time people get a bit upset when I do as they sort of take offence and think I am being rather harsh with or down on myself. But it’s really not true. I think you need a great sense of humour in order to survive all of this shit. Otherwise you’ll just sink into a bloody abyss.

    If I am being harsh with or down on myself–well, believe me–people will know about it because I’ll be either quite moody (not so much) or I will completely withdraw into myself and become very uncommunicative.


  6. Hi asshat, thanks for stopping by and welcome as I haven’t seen you here before. I’m not sure if you are asking: “WTF equals ‘S?'” or saying WTF to my post and giving me a silly face emoticon.

    Either way, I didn’t see a lonely ‘s’ character so I am thinking you are saying WTF to my post?

    I was just using self deprecating humour as I pretty much do on my blog…yes, quite often.


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