Sheer Exhaustion…

I can’t even count how many phone calls I have just made in the last two hours to psychiatrists.


Okay, I know…I’m losing it.  Or have lost it.

The good news is I have an appointment with someone on June 11.  Everyone: pray, cross your fingers and toes, burn incense, jump over twigs that have been strategically placed in a certain fashion in the forest…I don’t care! Let’s just hope this is the right guy.

  1. Good luck!!! I hope this one works out!!


  2. Thanks, drytears…oh so do I…you have no idea…


  3. Okay, does anyone have any idea what this pressposts thing is about? I cant figure it out. It’s happened twice so far on my blog.



  4. sodajerk

    i think it imay be Spam comments.
    it seems to link on the theme of yer post and send a comment to your site.
    you can either just ignore it,or do the thing in comments where yo have to type in a thing,usuaally like “zy28Tuv” to prove you are actually a real person and not a robot-spam thing(or whatever the tech name for it is).

    it is like the Spam emails you sometimes not to open it as they sometimes have viruses and other bad thangs.
    if you have opened it,best run a bit of a cleanup onyour PC,just to be sure.

    i aint a techie type,just learned the hard way,when i had to buy a new PC as my old one was so corrupted with malaware,


  5. Thanks sodajerk,, I just did some research and it’s a Spam site that actually steals your content…how lovely. A “Splog” if you want a nice little term. I find it rather ironic and odd that someone would want to steal my content! I don’t think it’s particularly picky, though or I am special in any way… It might just be picking up on me for some reason.

    Should maybe talk to WP about it or again, I’ll do more research to see what can be done about it.

    Okay, interesting…the debate by some people at WP is whether or not it really is a Spam blog or just some Digg clone where you can vote for the posts etc… I kind of wondered about that as well as my posts aren’t shown in their entirety but attributed to me with a link to my site. You need to log in or something to read them all? And then presumably vote? Okay, it’s stupid. I just tried to vote on my own posts and the numbers dropped. Also, when you search, it doesn’t work quite right and brings up a whole number of other posts. It’s garbage.

    Also over at the WP chat, they said they had their ads pulled by Google so they’re in financial trouble and may not be around much longer? That would be good I suppose.

    Oh, whatever. It probably doesn’t matter. I think I’ve actually seen traffic come in from there but that might have been the post poacher themselves! Again, why the hell anyone would want to take my content, I have no idea… And it’s not like I’m getting paid to do this anyway. Yes it’s nice to have it over here on my blog but…oh, I don’t know… Maybe I’ll decide to care more later. Right now I don’t.

    As far as Spam in general on WP, we have something called “Akismet” that generally catches everything but once in a while something slips by. I usually get the others as the posts are mailed to me and are usually from drug companies (seems fair enough due to my content) but lately I’ve been getting spammed from car websites! I can’t quite figure that one out…

    There’s no word verification here like Blogger (at least I don’t think so?)…although I could turn comment moderation on. I can’t be bothered to do that though. I let people say what they want, whenever they want…and in this post-stealing incident, it wouldn’t matter…post’s already gone!

    I’m on a Mac and they’re pretty solid when it comes to virii and malware so probably no worries there.


  6. Nicole

    ::: prays, cross fingers and toes, burn incense, jump over twigs that have been strategically placed in a certain fashion in the forest. :::


  7. Thanks Nicole, looks like you’ve got me covered!


  8. sodajerk

    if you do lose yer blog on wordpress. is the way to go,i aint givin you a line.
    had a previous blog on blogger,it was bad and i ended up rarely posting as the posting method was so slow and frustrating,by the time you had got in anfd wee rady to say summat… had forgotten why you were there.
    blogger seems to let content spill out over side bars and other such shite.

    terapad makes me look like i kno what i am doin,it is free,it has built in stats(kinda dodgy as mine jump around from 12 to nearly 400 on any specific day.must be a logorathum thing)


  9. Hi sodajerk, thanks for the info. I just went over to the site and it does have some interesting features. Yes, Blogger was…hmmm…well it had its drawbacks but it wasn’t completely terrible. One of the biggest problems was that a lot of WP bloggers were having terrible times posting comments and also I found that Blogger just wasn’t stable. It always seemed to be going up and down and I know that some users are still having problems with it. WP for me has never given me any problems–very stable.

    I signed up with Blogger after the original was started and it was in some new beta mode. Then the big push was on to get everyone to migrate as there were all of these new features. I never saw any new features that they were touting! Well, I did but they didn’t work! Perhaps it was my template but a lot of them I felt should have worked. Blogger left little PA out in the cold *laughing*

    Bah! It’s all just silliness as I’m not some big web tech queen or anything. This is just some dumb little blog. Good grief, I don’t even know CSS so I could go in and modify this template or anything else anyway! But I like WP…I think it’s prettier even if I did pick a rather simplistic template. PA has simple design tastes? I mean, if I was in fact a web designer I might have a bit more fun with it or well, maybe it would really suck. I don’t think I am a great “artiste.”

    And stats, shmats. I am thoroughly convinced that there is no proper stats tracking tool out there for any blog, website etc… Really. WP has one built in and it does not match my stats from Site Meter. And I’ve been told by certain readers that the IP addresses don’t match either! It’s truly ridiculous. Besides, I’m not in it for the glory…mildly interesting to see that people are reading this crazy blog but perhaps more humourous?

    Your stats do sound more unstable than mine though…that is funny, 12 to 400! At least mine aren’t as variable (and no, I’ve never hit 400 haha.) I’d really be laughing if I did…haven’t made it to that level of popularity…yet! I think WP’s stats counter might not be too bad? Ah, who knows…I go by it and well, at least someone’s reading this–again, rather funny.


  10. sodajerk

    i do not think i have ever been near 400 maself.i think it is just them tryin to keep me postin.
    the bloggin is free,but you have their adverts at the side.
    you can pay to remove em,but i aint inemerested in dat.

    stats i would not normally care about,a bit like havin a “who can piss highest up the wall comp”

    i would rather my ramblins got to a few folk ,who maybe liked some of the links i posted,had a bit of a think on ma more serious posts…and did not think…what a fukn asshole

    on ma general posts.


  11. Hi sodajerk, if that’s their way of trying to keep you posting then that’s not good…baiting is not fair! I generally don’t like advertisements on blogs. For one reason, it really distracts me and for another, I like the organic *feel* of blogs. And to PAY to remove the advertising! Forget it!

    I don’t think people should be trying to make money from their blogs with the tiny kickback they get. It’s not really worth it as I know someone who has done this. Maybe it’s just me but if you want to make money, you should get into web hosting, perhaps and look for proper advertisers and donations? Unless, of course you are really providing a valuable service to the public on your blog but again…I don’t know. Now we’re back to the stats issue. Who really gets that much traffic on their blog to seek out the advertisers that will pay big money? Well some might but in our circles? Well…? Certainly not me *laughing* I would never put ads on my site as you can tell by my little rant here.

    I have no problem with linking to something that you think is important or something you wish to promote but again, that won’t pay you money.

    The types of things like Google ads that trawl your site and just pick up on things randomly make me nuts. The advertisements that come up are derived from your posts and can tend to be really stupid or the decent or more reputable people that advertise can tend to make enough money on their own.

    Yes, a lot of people do get really wrapped up in their stats and for me, I just don’t care.

    Don’t call yourself an asshole! Have you read a lot of my posts? Ramble, ramble, ramble…do you think I put a lot of thought into mine haha.

    I have no idea what I’m going to blog about today. Not much is going on so it will probably be a very “thoughtless” post. I could probably not blog about anything but it’s become a habit to post every day now.


  12. Well that’s an easy date for me to remember to send lots of positive vibes your way. It’s our 36th wedding anniversary!

    Hugs from Liverpool


  13. Hi Maggie, thanks! What a coincidence! I hope you have a happy celebration!

    Hugs back,


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