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After I was briefly “outed” over at …salted lithium. (and I don’t mean anything you haven’t read before–if you missed it, you missed it!) I decided to go for the gusto with my new toy (my digital SLR camera if you missed that too) and well, take a fun shot of myself and actually post it here. I will probably never place another one of myself on my blog so enjoy…


Okay, this is probably one of the most boring, pointless posts I’ve ever written. I don’t even know if I should bother. But seeing as I’ve gotten into the habit of posting every day, I might as well not keep my readership *cough cough* disappointed. And well, there may possibly be some crazy people out there who actually have subscribed to me either through RSS (I do know of one!) or through the various other feeds so what the hell.

I spent the entire day in my pyjamas yesterday. I know, what a slovenly wench. Actually, ex-partner and I used to do this all the time on the weekends when we weren’t going out or doing anything. It all seemed rather pointless to get dressed. I never used to be like this. I always felt guilty if I didn’t get up and put decent clothes on and be somewhat “functional.” Well, I was still functional (alright, sometimes more, sometimes less haha) on the weekends–just not dressed in proper “going out” attire. Perhaps, if I was cold, I’d put on some track/sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I guess that’s a bit more “dressy” *laughing*

Ex-partner actually mentioned something quite funny before I left our apartment. We were outside having a cigarette (probably in pyjamas *giggle*) and she looked at me and said, “You know, it will probably be a good thing when you move out.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Well, we’ll end up doing more. It will require one or both us to at least leave the house in order to get together,” she retorted.

I laughed. It’s rather true. We kind of fed off each others’ laziness on the weekends. Sometimes (most times?) we both needed the break from the work week and really enjoyed the relaxation time. A lot of other times, perhaps we just couldn’t figure out what to do with ourselves. Ex-partner had sleep issues too so she found that a lot of time she was more exhausted than PA. At least PA had sleepy pills to help her cope in that area.

Other than that what did I do yesterday…not too much else? I was actually flitting around like a wee hummingbird not sure upon which flower to alight. Sorry, D. please check my grammar–if you’re still reading this damn blog? I almost had a dangling preposition there? I was going to write …not sure which flower to alight upon. I don’t think that’s right. But I don’t like how I’ve written it the first way either. Shit. D. likes the way I write. I don’t like to disappoint. However, the cardinal rule of blogging is not to write for your audience. Ha. See, I’m still flitting as I write this.

I am tremendously off point. And I am tired. More on that later.

I tried to watch a DVD–The Matrix to be precise. I have the entire trilogy but the first was the best. The poor Wachowski brothers outdid themselves on the first go and just couldn’t keep up with themselves. But I lost interest. It started to rain and I felt sleepy so off to bed. I let the sound of the rain (and the background of Keanu and Carrie-Anne fighting up a storm–haha good pun, I always make unintentional puns) lull me into a blissful sleep. Lovely.

Although, not quite. Still a few more calls from psychiatrists were coming in and they interrupted me. Some not taking patients, some with waiting lists, yes, yes… I have another appointment with someone else on Tuesday but again–flitty, flitty–I forgot to write down the time. Now this didn’t happen because I was rudely roused by the phone. This happened later in the afternoon. I tell you, the entire day was an ADD’ers worst nightmare. I called him back to confirm but I think it was for 1600hrs.

What else…I ate. That is good. But lately it’s been hurting a bit when I eat and that’s been one of my ongoing symptoms. That’s not so good. I will keep monitoring as my intake is still small and I am not pushing things. No doubt my stomach has reduced in size like the rest of me so easy does it. If it keeps up, another “alert” for the gastro.

I’m tired of the phone today. I have left it inside as I just don’t want to answer any calls right now.

Interruption! PA’s guilt got the best of her as it usually does and she grabbed her land line telephone and her cell phone. Two messages on the land line–one to confirm the appointment time that PA was too stupid to write down and one from her GP’s office. Another on the cell from a psychiatrist. PA called her GP and they were all in a flurry for her to come in today to sign a release for her records while she was in hospital. True, this needs to be done in all cases as PA has done it before. It’s surprising they didn’t have her do it upon discharge but there were a few things that really weren’t done up to par there. However, the GP’s office closes at 1300hrs on Fridays so PA had to leave immediately. She was a few minutes late but made it.

Blech. Mad dashes out the door are not fun. That’s why I am tired. It’s a long trek to my GP, not too bad from my workplace but from where I am now living it took me almost 1.5 hours. Almost. That’s a long way there and back to offer up my signature.

Oh, and speaking of sleeping (sorry, I’m bouncing around in this post like a bloody rubber ball…someone please give me some Adderall or Concerta…) I had the strangest dream the other morning. Now you all know that PA doesn’t remember her dreams but she dreamed that she was Angelina Jolie starring in a dream with Russell Crowe! HAHAHA! PA doesn’t like either one of them. Not by a long shot. Russell was trying to get me to jump off a building and have sex with him. Well, from a dream interpretation standpoint, I think that’s all pretty self-explanatory. However, why couldn’t it have been either two better actors and why couldn’t it have been me with another female actor? Good lord, PA doesn’t want to have sex with a man and even if she did, it certainly wouldn’t be Russell Crowe! And perhaps if it was another woman she would have jumped off the building then with no hesitation? But Russell Crowe?!

Blech Part II (apologies to any Russell Crowe fans–or I suppose anyone who wishes to sleep with men–but we all have our tastes *grin*)

Oh dear, now I fear I’m getting a bit punchy. Someone dare me to publish this post.