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Alright, speaking of biting the dust, what the hell is up with my internet connection…? Slow, slow, slow! Okay, seems a bit better now.

And what’s going on with the weather here…it’s like fall–or winter–since PA is wee ice cube all the time. It’s June…I know we haven’t hit the solstice yet but PA says June means summer!

Okay, similarly on the death train, why does my remote for my Mac keep fritzing out all the time too *frown* It’s nice when PA is doing such “important” multi-tasking work like blogging and listening to music. HA! It was working when she was watching Akira last night. And yes, she has a DVD player and a television but it’s nice to recline and watch DVDs on her MacBook in bed *grin*

So continuing with things “biting the dust,” yes, another psychiatrist today. Oh, how many has it been now? At least this year? Including the inpatient ones, I believe this is number six. But I won’t count the inpatient ones–no, I will as they refused me outpatient treatment as well. So as you can gather from the preceding statement, today’s appointment was another bust! Yay for PA!

I will admit he took a fair assessment. We spoke for about 45 minutes and again, PA puked her guts out, or rather her brain out? Erm…whatever…combination of the two? In the end, though, he said he was more into psychotherapy and would not see me on an ongoing basis.

*PA smacks forehead*

Yep, heard that one before…along with all of the other reasons…

I won’t go into the rest of his drivel but one thing he did say is that I need to develop a “better support system.” What?! Okay, I told him that my existing “support system” sucks ass! So exactly what am I to do? Walk around with a placard tied around my neck saying, “Hi, I’m a mental case, desperately in need of friends. Care to be one?” Sweet cloudy sky above, please rain on me with some wisdom for I have run out.

I was not upset, mind you. I was actually laughing on the way home. Really, it’s getting redonculous. Yes, I know that is not a real word. Someone said it to me recently and it makes me laugh. I have heard it before, mind you. It’s sort of a hybrid between ridiculous and…well, I’m not sure…it could be “dong” which is slang for penis. Or oh wait…the marvels (or silliness) of the internet! I did find this and this. Well, wonders never cease. Forget my penis reference for now I feel incredibly crude.

So this is where the “redonculous” cold weather comes in. PA is having a really hard time with…well “time” and estimating transit during the day. If anything, she’s used to “rush hour” schedules and how long it takes to get to and from work. Things seem to be strangely different and unpredictable during the day no matter wherever she has to go. After she got “spanked” from the last psychiatrist for being late, she really wanted to make sure she was on time for this one. On time?! She arrived an hour and 15 minutes early! What to do, what to do…?

PA knows the area. She used to live there several years ago. So she walked a couple of blocks to grab a jumbo sized tea to a) keep her warm and b) get some more caffeine into her system. Okay, what now? There was a park nearby so time for a sit and a listen to more tunes on the iPod. And yes, let’s smoke some more.

So sitting on a bench and aimlessly looking around she saw something rather strange. On the armrest was a paring knife. Well, that looks oddly out of place. PA was tempted to pick it up but that could and would have been terribly unhygienic! But PA is so curious by nature! I may have mentioned this before but her Canadian ex-pat friend who teaches in the UK has his MA in Classics and once called her Pliny (the Elder, not the Younger) who supposedly died by getting too close to Vesuvius after it erupted. He had a love of Natural Sciences much to his detriment? Now I’m not going to link to the Almighty Wikipedia reference because it disputes this and I like to think that my friend’s studies are more fun and I like his calling me Pliny because of my curiosity. It’s more laughable and it’s so rare that people give PA nicknames!

Another thing PA found while sitting there was a roach on the ground. That didn’t seem out of place at all even though this was a fairly affluent and upscale neighbourhood. Hell, pot is everywhere. No big deal.

Tanget: hey my remote is working! Edit: not it’s not…crap…

So back to the way home. Sorry, I’m jumping around a bit in my post. Argh. Maybe I can fix it when I proof or maybe I won’t bother because jumpy posts are fun. It keeps you all on your toes! Or perhaps it drives you all bonkers!

While making the long trek back home, I wondered if this was some sort of Karmic Retribution. Was PA some sort of bad/evil/torturous/unethical etc… psychiatrist in a past life? True, she does know a lot about about mental illnesses, disorders and all matters that can go wonky in the bean and drugs that can treat them. Did she carry all of that over into this life? Hmmm. Let’s hope not.

And let’s also hope that on June 11 (next appointment with another psychiatrist) it will be the magic date and he will be the magic one. Okay, I’m not necessarily looking for Merlin but actually, that might be okay. If he could cast a spell and straighten out PA’s head and simultaneously turn her into some magical being also that could be great too!