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Well, that’s it then…she’s gone! Pity.  PA really liked her *sigh*

I won’t go into the details.  Unimportant. The end result is all that matters.

Wow, I feel really good today…almost bordering on great. Don’t question it PA; don’t question it.

Lots to do. I was up early for a meeting at work. I spoke to the OHS nurse again and the doctor who makes infrequent appearances there. He’s very nice, though. I met him years back but I can’t recall why. Anyway, he’s going to make some inquiries about more prospective psychiatrists. Speaking of which, when I got home this afternoon, my appointment with Merlin got cancelled for Monday. He is going to be away *sigh* I called to rebook but at least he’s not rejecting me yet haha.

Other than that, more discussion about when I may be ready to come back to work. I’m not sure but if today’s mood factor has anything to do with it…well, perhaps soon. Soonish?

I think the Lamictal/Lamotrigine is tickling my receptors a bit more but I’m still pushing for another 25mg to bring it up to 150mg in total. Go, Go Gadget PA! I’m such a little instigator with my meds. Well, crap. If no one else is willing to tinker with my brain then let me have at it (again.) I did this with my ex-GP and although he was such a curmudgeon at least he agreed that PA knew her meds and her brain and yes, let her tinker. A lot of practitioners may disagree with this but after PA proved him wrong on several occasions he bestowed upon her several honorary degrees. So I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday. This will allow me to discuss my proposed titration and also have her fill out my lovely “back to work” form. I will have to ponder things a bit regarding that over the weekend, I suppose.

And speaking of meds, I’m trying to figure out just what on earth the pharmacy did! I had to pick up some scripts and I am quite sure that the order was for a month and several more months of refills. Okay…I think they got it slightly backwards. It’s like Happy Pill Santa Claus arrived! Good lord! Months and months of pills! Thankfully I’m not at risk of harming myself. Granted I probably wouldn’t die as I’ve said this over and over…ODs are hard to pull off with psych meds but wow…with my cocktail I could surely make myself rather sick? Not to worry, kids. Like I said…I’m feeling just grand.

So my afternoon consisted of my first day of the outpatient program. I arrived early so I went back to see any of my friends who were still left on the inpatient floor. Wow. Not many. But it was still good to say hello to those that were around. And who says, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” I managed to cadge one while I was there. I’m not the only one who does this. I met another outpatient who stops by regularly to visit P. and he was always taking trays that no one else ate because they had either been discharged or they were out. And it was offered to my by one of my ex-nurses, so why not?

And speaking of the nurses, I got a rather unnerving surprise while there. The card I had given them with the sweets was moved from the nursing station to a bulletin board in a public area. Now this would have been fine except I signed it with my last name! I did this so that all of the nurses would know exactly who the card was from. All I need is for some whacko to start calling me or stalking me! You see, when I had my land line installed, I was never asked, nor did I think to have my telephone number unlisted. I mean, nobody really calls PA anyway *laughing*…but if they really wanted to find her, they surely could. As soon as I saw it, I asked another one of my ex-nurses to take it down tout de suite!

The outpatient program was…well rather boring. I don’t quite know how I’m going to handle three months of it but I suppose I shall try? I think they might get a little bit ticked off with me as I have appointments (medical) that may interrupt my sessions but a few people were away from today’s for either medical or personal reasons and no one seemed too concerned. Oh well. The outpatient program is not my first priority.

I’m trying to think of a YouTube that I can add to this but I can’t really think of a song. And sometimes YouTube doesn’t have a lot to offer. So why don’t you all come up with a favourite, happy song of your own and think of little PA.