Archive for June 10th, 2007

I’ve been having to do this more and more lately. I’m not sure why. My meds are working. I am getting adequate sleep but I’m feeling like I need something soothing like a lullaby to get me there. I’ve only done this in the past when my hypnotics weren’t working–and that was when I had a lot to drink and again due to the fact that alcohol ramps me up due to the crazy stimulant effect it has on me. So yes, that’s one way I can try and calm the hell down. Take the meds and mess around with my iPod and try and find some song(s) that will take me elsewhere and eventually I’ll drift off to dreamland.

And not remember my dreams anyway…but know I’m still having them.

But lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been tempted to take my sweet, black, 30GB baby with me under the blankies every night. My selections tend to vary but are usually things that seem to reflect what I feel or what I need like The Tallis Scholars. There’s really not a good link I can find so I won’t bother. They’re a vocal group from England that sings basically sacred music. My dear god above. PA is not religious but to hear them sing! She has several CDs of their work but her favourite (and she’s blogged about it or at least streamed it on her old Blogger blog?) is William Taverner’s Western Wind Mass.

She’s listening to it now and almost dying. She has cried many a tear listening to it. Yes, The Tallis Scholars are that good. At least they are to PA’s ears.

PA used to sing. Yes, solos in the church choir, even choir camp in the summer! Yes, PA was a true geek…she still is even though she may not look too much like a stereotypical one, or maybe she does?

I’m trying to remember what other works I have by this group. Stabat Mater, some kind of works around Easter…yes, Lamenta and the last one I bought which was Russian Orthodox music. That one is rather interesting. Did anyone know that Stravinsky actually composed something that was considered for the church? That was sacred? He was never considered a composer in that manner. Don’t mistake PA for an expert. The liner notes with The Tallis Scholars’ CDs will make any dummkopf an expert. But really if you think about Stravinsky, he really wasn’t a sacred composer.

I should put the rest or some of my “Tallis” collection on my iPod but Taverner is such my favourite. I enjoy the other ones but somehow I can’t “taint” my little iPod with what I don’t love as much. The others I can just listen to on CD. They just don’t compare somehow to The Western Wind Mass. And I can take that “Wind” with me wherever I go and I like that…