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Oh dear, PA woke up with this song in her head. Crying In The Rain! Feel free to skip it if you don’t like A-ha.

Or if you prefer, the Everly Brothers:

What’s that all about? Boo hoo! At least it’s sunny out today.

This clip was much better by A-ha. Again, feel free to skip if they’re not your taste or if you hate 80s music. It and they were fun, however, back then. And who can forget Morten Harket hitting those high notes as if he was some castrato! This video was inspired by the film Altered states directed by Ken Russell, again based upon a book she has never read but she has seen his adaptation. Another one about drugs! It also used Rotoscoping which was later really made popular by Richard Linklater. Take On Me:

PA was at a friend’s house many years ago with some people and we were just dancing around the living room and this song came on and one gay guy and PA started singing. PA could definitely hit the high notes but surprisingly so could this other friend. PA was surprised. We were really belting out and our friend’s brother came in and we really freaked him out. There was a mixture of both straight and gay people there (hostess was straight) but all of us were being truly insane.

I can’t post another YouTube for this one, however, fear not–one more is coming–but there is another song from the 80s by Erasure called ‘Oh L’Amour.’ Now we were all teasing my gay singing friend as he currently had a huge crush on another guy whose last name was, believe it or not: L’Amour. Monsieur L’Amour dumped him. Part of it has Andy Bell singing: “…Oh l’amour…broke my heart (and) now I’m aching for you, mon amour, what’s a boy in love supposed to do…” Yes, we were a bit brutal.

So speaking of my friend/hostess, I have finally heard from her. She had mentioned this a long time ago but we are going to see Rufus Wainwright tonight. PA’s feeling nervous about it for some reason, however. She can’t figure out why. It’s a good diversion and a good excuse to get out. Is the damn agoraphobia coming back? Shit.

Anyway, PA is not really familiar with Rufus. So friend will be burning a CD for her. That is nice. Friend really likes him. The only song PA knows by him is ‘Hallejuah’ where he does a good cover. PA also likes Jeff Buckley’s version of it too. It makes her sad, however. Oh well, sometimes songs do that to you but it’s alright. So here’s that one if you like Rufus.

Holy YouTube Central, eh? What a crappy post. Yes, probably the worst I’ve ever placed here?

PA’s still got her plumbing problem. I mentioned that before. It happens every time the tenant above takes a shower. It’s not huge but big enough. I mean, there’s a crack in the ceiling and water drips down…about an inch or less in a bucket? But again, bad enough. She called the landlord (again) and he is going to get in touch with the plumber (again.) I don’t know when they will show but it looks like the ceiling will need to be ripped apart. Bugger. It will make a huge mess. And not that she cares too much but the ceilings in the living room and bedroom are kind of…what’s a good word. Not “ornate” but they have this “swirly” sort of design. Now exactly how is that going to be fixed?

Granted, it’s not like she lives in an office building where you can just remove the tiles but it’s not like you can just hammer through drywall or something either. And true, not really her worry as she doesn’t own the place. It’s more her worry who is going to be left to clean up the mess. They’d better supply some tarps or something. And move the furniture if I’m not home. And not let my cat out if I’m not home!

What the hell else have I been doing. I decided to purchase some sort of subscription to the dating service. HA! Silly, PA. Well, really, you can’t talk to people without it. I started chatting to someone last night and it was alright. I sent her my photo and she said it was nice. She also said she had a friend with Bipolar so that was again “nice.” Well, certainly not for her friend haha. But then she said she “had to go,” however, I think she stayed online. I think that’s “code” for, “Well, I’m done with you…don’t think I want to talk to you anymore…” Funny.

I think I’ve also lost the other person who I was emailing. That’s rather odd. Again, oh well. I really can’t afford to take this too seriously, I suppose. I mean, I straightforwardly labelled myself a nutcase but there really may be more of them out there than me?

I find so many of the women out there terribly aloof and well…I don’t know. I’m not sure if they misrepresent themselves (am I being too cynical,) are confused or what? I mean, for sure…we all get a little bit confused at times. I can understand that! Oh well, I decided to cast my net and see what comes in. It may be nothing but if you don’t try then you never know *shrug*

I still don’t know if I’m “ready.” But it seems that it might be nice to try something? Or not? Or perhaps? Oh, yes…PA is back stuck in “indecisionland” but it seems like her impulsivity has made her decision for her. Sometimes boredom can be your worst enemy or it can be your best friend? Is that true or not? I’m not really sure…about that or having a risk-taking nature. Well, about the latter, taking risks can definitely pay off–or land you in a heap of trouble.

I’m also quite sure that my profile scares the hell out of people. Or some? Well, that is fine. I could rewrite it but I don’t care. It’s rather interesting as so many of them sound the same. After you start reading, your eyes start to cross and you really can’t decide who to respond to and who not! I suppose that at least mine stands out? Yes, indeed it does!

A lot of people say that they don’t want any “drama.” Well what the hell does that mean? Life comes with “drama.” Do you really think that you just sail along without any problems in your life? I don’t even bother to respond to those ones. I’m sure I look like I’ve got drama written all over me. HA! That is funny.

Well, I’m sure this is long enough with all the YouTubes I’ve flung in here and all of the rambling I’ve done. What a bloody boring post. I fear if there was an award for the most boring and crappy blog out there I’d win. Oh wait, I had almost forgotten. I read about this a while ago. Now if anyone nominates me, please let me know so I can put the little badge on my sidebar (providing it’s HTML code…) and I can monitor my votes!