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Yes, it’s official. PA is ill. Again, maybe allergies too but definitely, sick, sick, sick.

PA usually watches anime when she is sick. And tries to sleep. She’s still got a few selections left that she’s purchased over the last while that she’s never gotten around to watching…might as well pop those in the DVD player. Time to resume the road to becoming an Otaku.

Now “Otaku” is a funny word if you care to read about it. In Japanese culture it has garnered some rather negative connotations but when it gets carried over to English usage, it sort of means “geek” and you know that PA is not ashamed of being or calling herself a geek! But even in the world of fandom where some more serious players will adopt the Otaku label, someone like PA certainly wouldn’t qualify–at least not in the anime world.

Anyway, here’s what all started it off. Oh boy, it’s so old! This three-year series ran when PA was around 8-10 years old or something? Maybe more toward the latter age? It’s so hard to remember when it aired in Canada. And yes, she wanted to be Derek Wildstar (just look at his long, dark, wavy hair and his big, deep, brown eyes!) Of course he was the best looking male character. And yes, she was as in love with Nova just as much as he was! HA! PA was funny as a child and still is to this day… Now truly, nothing says geeky kid more than falling for this cartoon! Holy crap! I also tried to pick a short clip so if you are not into either cartoons or anime then you won’t die watching it.

This is a portion of an episode of Star Blazers, the second year, aka The Comet Empire:

I’ve been toying with buying the entire series, at the very least, for nostaligia but it ran for three years and it’s a bloody fortune. Oh well, it’s not like my money goes elsewhere? I’m still deciding but it certainly would further my way along the road to Otakuhood.

I have found what I believe to be a new, strong favourite, however. Oh boy…this one’s good–in a twisted kind of way. Not all anime is “child’s play.” Those are the ones that PA tries to look out for. It can be hard as you just kind of have to go on various reviews. So far, she hasn’t done too badly and only bought one that was not very good.

She hasn’t finished watching this one. She’s only gotten through a few episodes today but very, very good. She’s even in love with the opening theme song and has just downloaded it! It’s kind of sad and haunting but not really depressing…it has a nice melody?

Here’s a clip of part of the beginning of the very first episode. It’s basically a story about a young girl (about 13?) who receives an email from another girl in her school who dies–yes an email after her death. She then gets caught up in all of this sort of paranormal weirdness that is all tied to “The Wired” which is basically the Internet or Cyberspace or whatever but kind of like a really souped up version. I mean, it goes beyond email. It’s like everybody talking and voices and stuff.

I’m probably not even doing it justice in trying to explain it but it’s really quite excellent so far if you like anime. It’s called Serial Experiments Lain.

Trigger Alert: This clip shows a suicide scene. Now it’s interesting because PA bought this bootleg (PA knows, naughty, naughty but anime can be very expensive) and there are a lot of parts of the first disc that are messed up. So she never actually got to see this portion of the episode in it’s entirety–including all of the suicide scene. She’s just made the purchase online to get the “real” product.

So yes, if you like the opening song (oh, just love it…it’s called “Duvet” by BOA.) PA found it on LimeWire but it’s probably elsewhere as well. PA knows, more poaching…

Okay, without further adieu:

Alright, I suppose I’ve subjected you to enough nerdiness for now…