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So I popped down to work today. The OHS nurse required the physician statement that would indicate my date of return. It looks like I will be heading back the beginning of July. I think that’s a fair date. It will give me the rest of the month and really, I think I am doing a bit better? Another two weeks will probably give me ample time to keep assessing things, more time to keep going to that bloody outpatient program and also some time to get better acquainted with Merlin.

So while there, I went to see my boss again and gave her the news. She seemed happy and said that I looked well. I told her that, admittedly, I was probably in rougher shape physically as my gastro symptoms are continuing today. It was late afternoon by the time I got home and it’s Friday so I can’t contact my gastro until next week if I decide to. I guess it will probably be ongoing pain over the weekend? It was honestly so bad last night that I was contemplating going to the ER but I know there would be nothing they could do.

She’s been several times prior to the referral to her gastroenterologist and all they did was take some blood, urine, stool samples and do some basic tests, bend her all out of shape to look for possible appendicitis and also do ultrasounds for the same thing (both an abdominal and a lovely–surprise!–pelvic.) Now if you’ve never had a pelvic ultrasound as a woman, then you won’t know what the “surprise” is. Let’s just say it requires a condom and your own hand at the beginning lest there be any lawsuits. And another woman in the room if the technician is a man. She’s had two so at least she knew what she was in for the second time around. And oh yes, once they gave her IV Toradol/Ketorolac Tromethamine (an NSAID) and some IV Gravol/Dimenhydrinate. The former didn’t do too much but the latter was great! Much better than the oral route (well of course it is–straight into your vein!)

Also while at work she had to access a file that she couldn’t do from home, update it and grab her “dossier” for Merlin. He actually said he looks forward to seeing it! Oh, that is funny. PA is rather thorough in investigating her own head. She’s never really been sure of what physicians think when she plops all of this information down in front of them. She’s pretty sure they are rather dismissive of it all. Probably the only piece of it that may be useful to them is a list of every medication she has been on, for how long, why and the side effects it/they have caused. Anyway, should be a good appointment next week? It’s interesting. PA gets a sense that Merlin knows she is smart in the psych/neuro area and he respects that. That is/would be(?) good.

It felt a little strange to be back at her desk and working away at her computer–just like she was in fact back at work. A little foreign but not strangely so. No, she should probably be able to readjust and head back without any problems. Except for maybe feeling a bit tired and worn out by the end of the day? Although it will be a modified day. She’ll just be going back for mornings only as her afternoons will be pretty busy with appointments and such for probably the first little while.

She also picked up something else. Some time ago, someone sent her a gift. It had been stuffed a away in a cabinet for quite a bit now. PA’s just kind of staring at it. She hasn’t even looked at it since the person sent it to her. She meant to bring it home but never got around to it and then her brain went kablooie.


*PA stares at package*

*PA debates opening it and looking at the contents*

She has no use for this gift. It’s lovely, it really is but she’ll never use what was bought for her. She won’t throw it out though. No, that wouldn’t be right. It was very thoughtful for this person to buy this gift for little PA. I guess she can tuck it away along with that 7.5 page letter she wrote yesterday to the sender of it. And maybe she’ll open the package again one other day.