Archive for June 18th, 2007

Well, first off, much as I am loathe to do it, I need to send a thank you letter off to Big Pharma conglomerate AstraZeneca for manufacturing Seroquel. I took it a bit earlier last night and it settled me down pretty well. I think I want some more right now. Oh dear, PA is turning into a junkie and starting to abuse her meds!

And nighty-night! I woke up early to feed kitty but then straight back into bed. I woke up again to call and let them know I wouldn’t be making it to the outpatient program today. Oh god, no. I barely had any voice when the woman picked up so that worked well–the hoarseness made it sound like I was bravely fighting off laryngitis.

The Orthostatic Hypotension is still really fucking bad. I look like I’m drunker than I was Saturday night! I had some breakfast as soon as I woke up (the third time…well after noon.) I thought my blood sugar’s got to be in the basement by now. Maybe this will help?

Including the broken sleep, that’s about 14 hours. Well, I suppose after pulling essentially an all nighter I probably needed it–and being doped up on meds it’s not that hard to understand.

But my brain is fried. I still feel like I’m in outer space and can’t really concentrate. I have no energy but I’ve just gotten my period so of course I have no energy! I don’t think this is a day to gauge or assess anything! Except how positively messed up and ridiculous I feel. At least I’m not depressed? I don’t think so? I feel too wasted to be depressed. And I’m just sitting here laughing and grinning at myself. I guess that’s a good sign? Usually when one is depressed they don’t sit around laughing and grinning like a fool?

What’s going on? I mean, I know my metabolism is right screwed but it doesn’t take that long for my meds to clear–granted they’re really not supposed to–or well, just the sleepy meds or I’d be in a constant coma. But ideally, all the other ones should sort of be in a steady state or as much of that as possible. Keeps me from getting less flippy. I can’t find anything concrete on how long it takes Tylenol with Codeine to “clear” from your system but I guess it could take a while for me? And interestingly because it’s an opiate it still appears in your urine for three days a site said? HA! Better not have to give any samples within the next couple of days…

Dehydrated as all hell, too. Better get drinking some fluids. That should help with getting it out of my system as well . I looked at some drug interaction checkers just to see if any of my meds are doing a number on me with the T3s but they were all from the US and don’t have a couple of mine that are Canadian (and perhaps also available in Europe as well.) One’s a hypnotic and the other a benzo for seizure control–not anxiety. Interestingly enough, one said that Acetaminophen lowers Lamictal levels. Aha! Good thing I don’t take it on a regular basis.

Maybe I’m feeling so wonky because I’ve just completely over drugged myself in such a short period plus all of the alcohol and my liver is screaming at me. And of course, my stomach is still a bit upset. But it’s been that like that for several days now anyway. I just really decided to kick the hell out of it yesterday with the codeine–well, not “decide”–I didn’t know I would get that side effect. And I’m all crampy so I can’t distinguish the gastrointestinal pain from the menstrual. It’s lovely being a sick woman at times like these.