PA’s Bad…

…like you didn’t know that already…

Online Dating

Courtesy of my friend Medblog Addict.

  1. borderlinecrazy

    Mine was rated NC-17 too, because of “fuck,” “death,” and “zombie.” LOL!


  2. Hi borderlinecrazy, “death” and “zombie?” You’ve got to be kidding me! I wrote cunt in one of my last posts and they didn’t even pick up on that one so something either must be off with their filter or they don’t search for that word? They don’t think bloggers write cunt?

    Bah. I don’t know but a silly little blog toy, nonetheless. I knew I’d get this rating even though it’s a US one. We don’t have an NC-17 in Canada. “R” for restricted is more apt where no one under 18 is allowed.


  3. I’m deeply annoyed now that they only rated my blog as PG. Am I not as hardcore as the rest of you or what?


  4. Oh chimpy, why I am quite surprised! Work harder, my dear.

    darkentries, what’s your comment all about? I get a 404 when I tried to link to whatever it is about the worth of your dead body. Sounds fun though? I have no clue what I’m worth either dead or alive but I’ll refrain from a self-deprecating comment at the moment.

    What I do know is that there aren’t any “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” posters of me hanging anywhere (that I’ve seen?) so again…I have no clue.

    Oh, I can’t resist self-deprecation! I’ll say I’m worth about…hmmm…$5CDN! That’s roughly what my 2L carton of milk just cost me at the corner store (granted it’s more expensive there than at a grocery.)

    If anyone out there wants to bid on me for a higher amount (dead or alive hehe) then start calling out your price!


  5. Deb

    Your blog is your blog. I think you do just fine with it all, PA.


  6. It was a quiz at the same place…only wordpress refused to allow the css styling the code used…maybe not allowed to use css on hosted wordpress blogs without paying up the extra dosh? Rather than display it in its ugly form, I deleted it completely, cos I’m like that.


  7. darkentries, if it had javascript in the code then it’s a no go. For some reason, WP only allows HTML. Don’t know if that was the problem? I don’t know anything about CSS but yes, you do need to pay for the upgrade to monkey with it.


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