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So I just loaded up all the software that he gave me over the weekend and I have no freakin’ clue what most of it is… I’m thankful, mind you. Just cluelessly thankful.

I’m Mac dumb, you see. After years of working on a PC and using Windoze (I even picked that up from a Mac user so I’m really not that cool…) I’m used to doing everything “the hard way.” I just dragged everything over to the Applications folder and let’s hope the hell I can now open it and use it? Stuffit? No, I’m not being rude–use that to open it if it doesn’t work? Or bring it into work when I get back? There are enough Macheads around that can show dumb PA what she’s doing wrong.

Oh well…maybe messing around and trying to figure it all out will keep my busy little fingers away from my blog…


This is a totally stupid and pointless post but I like to laugh at myself. I can be (relatively) smart with certain things but with others…pfft.

EDIT: He also added a crapload of music since there was room on the disc. This is just the second song I’ve listened to and it’s putting a big smile on my face. “If I Only Had A Brain” by MC 900 Ft. Jesus:

I was originally going to title “The Blank Screen Of Death.” It’s kind of like “The Blue Screen Of Death” where your PC (not a Mac!) freezes up and you get who knows what kind of error…could be anything. I’m still blogging but now I’m sitting here with a blank screen and if I was talking to anyone I’m sure I’d be mumbling gibberish. Now I’m sure I’ve just got gibberish in my brain. Oh wait, same thing? You see? Ah, tea…I think it’s finally helping me after all.

So now that the seed has been planted in my head, am I really dreading blogging now? I received a couple of emails (but no responses to my horribly depressing post of last night–no point in linking to it.) One person said to take a break (but you know yourself) another person said NO! Don’t stop! You’re so good!

Shall I flip a coin? I’ve done that to actually make decisions in my life, you know. I swear, I’m like a dog on a bone when it comes to blogging (among other things?)

There are some funny signs in my neighbourhood. I remember another blogger telling me to, “Look for the signs!” Well, I don’t think these hardly qualify but I have found them amusing, nonetheless.

I was walking down my street and I found an advertisement for a local business stapled to a telephone poll. It stated: “Rubbish Removal” and a telephone number. I was tempted to call it to see if they could do something with my brain.

There is a local place nearby called “Suzuki Shiatsu.” Now this one really gets me going. I can not imagine having shiatsu done by either a motorcycle or a car. Granted, I don’t know who out there, if any of you, have had a shiatsu treatment. You do need to like pain just a little bit. You get bent and twisted around somewhat and well, if you’re not that flexible (or sometimes even if you are) it can induce some ouchiness.

I remember meeting a woman who did shiatsu. PA kind of liked her but she was very strange. And I don’t think in a unique, kind of flaky, fun way. More in a dangerous way. Nonetheless, she was participating in this sort of exhibition or health fair and needed someone as an “example” or someone to work on to show any passers by what on earth shiatsu was (if they didn’t already know.) If they wanted a treatment, they could pay some money and she’d do it. So she asked me to be her little example. I was like, awesome! As much shiatsu as she could give me!

I also went to the man who gave her shiatsu. He was really good! But something kind of strange happened. My hip wouldn’t rotate in just the right way. He tried a couple of times but it kept getting stuck. The man said he could “fix” it but he would need to perform acpuncture. Would I be willing to try it? Sure, why not?

So out came his little needles and I can’t remember how many he stuck into my hip. He left them there for a very brief period and voila! Hip rotated just like that! Very cool.

What else is strange that I know of? Well, this isn’t really in my neighbourhood but it’s on the way to most of my travels wherever I am going. There’s this street called “Strange Street.” I want to live there so bad! It’s almost this tiny little alley that had a dead end. Oh, even better! I’m just kidding… But there are no houses on it. It’s that tiny. I wonder what the real estate values are there. Surely I could erect a little shack of sorts?

This one is goofy. There is a restaurant near me affectionately named “The Goof.” It’s been called that for years! They have a neon sign that if you look at it one way it reads vertically “GOOD” and horizontally “FOOD.” The bottom letters line up so that the two “Ds” spell out the latter of each. But from the other way, they have have reversed the “FOOD” so if you spell it out, it reads “GOOF” when they connect. There have been many a time when the sign has burnt out and all that has shown is “GOOF.” Everyone finds it terribly funny here. Maybe you do not?

I think that’s all I can come up with right now…oh, wait…one more.

A fish and chips shop that is named “Reliable Fish and Chips.” Wow, I certainly hope so! Food poisoning is not pleasant.