My Mac Guru Has Killed Me

So I just loaded up all the software that he gave me over the weekend and I have no freakin’ clue what most of it is… I’m thankful, mind you. Just cluelessly thankful.

I’m Mac dumb, you see. After years of working on a PC and using Windoze (I even picked that up from a Mac user so I’m really not that cool…) I’m used to doing everything “the hard way.” I just dragged everything over to the Applications folder and let’s hope the hell I can now open it and use it? Stuffit? No, I’m not being rude–use that to open it if it doesn’t work? Or bring it into work when I get back? There are enough Macheads around that can show dumb PA what she’s doing wrong.

Oh well…maybe messing around and trying to figure it all out will keep my busy little fingers away from my blog…


This is a totally stupid and pointless post but I like to laugh at myself. I can be (relatively) smart with certain things but with others…pfft.

EDIT: He also added a crapload of music since there was room on the disc. This is just the second song I’ve listened to and it’s putting a big smile on my face. “If I Only Had A Brain” by MC 900 Ft. Jesus:

  1. sodajerk

    can you please stop putting yerself down…..negatory comments and such

    mind you… least yer postin


  2. Oh, sodajerk…you’re such a dear…I’m not putting myself down. Like I said, just laughing at myself. Having a healthy sense of humour is good–especially when applied to oneself?

    You should know me by now. This wasn’t even self-deprecation! This was the truth!

    What did you think was so negative? I’m looking at my post and I just can’t find it. And as far as the song goes, like I said…it just amused me.

    You wouldn’t believe how many songs are on the disc…apart from the software I have a lot of fiddling to do *wink*


  3. sodajerk

    “apart from the software I have a lot of fiddling to do *wink*”

    ooo err missus,a lot of fiddling she says.(frnkie howerd/carry on film mode)

    i some times get the wrong idea from a post,it is meant in one way,i take it in another(so to speak).

    it is sometimes difficult to judge the mood of a post.

    as i proved just now.

    good stuff if you are feelin better……………go PA.

    wooooh,woooooooh,wooooh(jerry springer crowd noises)


  4. Hehe sodajerk…one of my favourite terms from the music industry is “twiddling with knobs.” It makes me think…well, you can guess.

    It’s okay…you can read whatever you’d like into my posts. Hell, if I don’t spell it out for people…???

    I’m feeling…okay…marginally better but the Sobriety Meter has fallen (oops…) I just ate too. That’s not sitting so well…still in gastro hell (oh, that rhymes!)

    I’ve just carbed myself up and taken my meds but shit…well, I feel like shit. It’s not the bevvies…just not used to eating so much and me tummy’s sore now :(


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