Archive for June 28th, 2007

I wasn’t going to post today as I thought it would be really nice for a change to see two little grey numbers on my calendar indicating no activity? Hey, you’ve got to give me credit for not posting yesterday.

Ah well…this shall be brief. It has to be as I’m already starting to cry again!

I spent the day relaxing, reading about some Buddhism (as much as my wandering mind could handle–please give me my Adderall and please let it work!) It wasn’t so bad, I suppose, as I’ve read the book before and am no stranger to Buddhism–just looking for some “enlightenment.”

But now I’m torturing myself. Not that the Buddhism was torture–just difficult when you’re trying to work through some things and reconcile them and gain understanding at times. When you already live according to certain, defined ways within the philosophy that is good but when you still need to unravel a mental knot or two, it can be a bit frustrating.

But back to the torture. Gandhi is on TV tonight (not much else…ho hum…) and the opening scene shows him getting killed! AHHH! (and so the tears begin…)

I recall watching this on my birthday one year…what a nice way to relax…what the hell was I thinking!? What the hell am I thinking now…!? I should just turn the damn TV off!

This is just one of those films that always makes me bawl my face off but I love it and I love Ben Kingsley too. He completely made this entire film what it was and still is.

Edit: Okay, that’s enough. The TV’s off. Goodnight Ghandi. I don’t think I’m up for you tonight. I’ve taken my meds. Hopefully soon it will be goodnight PA soon too. I’m such an arse. I even indulged in a bit of (pseudo) Link Baiting on SeaSpray’s Blog by mentioning this useless post.

Yes…time for bed…