Am I A Schmoozer?

Well, It’s All About the Walls nailed me with this:


Okay…well, I don’t know if I’m so much of a “schmoozer” anymore. Granted with the (hypo)manic states of euphoria PA could really razzle and dazzle and talk someone’s ear off. In Bipolar parlance, it’s known among those of us who have hit certain highs as “that manic charm.”

That is not to say that PA is being boastful. It’s true, though. She’s been there and lived to tell the tale(s). Someone with Bipolar in a euphoric hypomanic or manic state…well, when they walk into the room, pretty much everyone takes notice. You’re oh, so chatty and friendly. Suddenly you are wittier than you’ve ever been in your life. You can remember every funny joke in your lifetime’s repertoire. In short, you do become the life of the party and people are like moths to your flame.

And I won’t even go into the territory of flirtatious behaviour and hypersexuality. All of this wonderful euphoria does have its downside too. Sure you’re the life of the party one minute but then you find yourself in a heap of trouble the next! They don’t call it Bipolar for no reason? Sorry–bad joke. I’m just trying to “schmooze” with you my dear readers?

So who knows…maybe PA’s still got a little bit of that in her–the ability to “schmooze?” As for the insanity of the Bipolarity well…it is a chronic illness so I suppose she’s still got some of that in her as well!

Now the difficult part. Who to pass this little trinket on to…I think it’s supposed to be five or something…let me see…

Well, first off, Cathy’s Place To Blog. Wow. This woman probably deserves all five of my choices. Oh wait…I thought of another pretty high powered blogger who could probably get all five as well. That is Moof. I see them all over the blogosphere and they know so many people! How does that happen? I guess you just have to keep blogging for a while, go visit other blogs and just “schmooze” with other bloggers.

Okay, two down…three to go. Alright, The Laundress definitely as well. She blogs and links within her posts like nobody’s business. If that isn’t a way to “schmooze” readers and keep them entertained, I don’t know what is!

Alright, just because I’m an idiot and I’m running out of ideas…I’m going to nominate Tales From the Emergency Room and Beyond. The blogger goes by the name Couz and that rhymes with “schmooze.” But apart from that, she’s got a great med blog and she’s Canadian like me. Heh.

Hmmm…one more… You know what, I’ve got to do it just because she’s “addicted!” Yep…that would be right, Addicted to Medblogs. She loves her med bloggers and they love her back! Now that’s the power of “schmoozing!”

Now I just have to contact all of these people and hope they don’t kill me. I think Couz might be the worst… I don’t even know her all that well! However, sometimes that’s the best way to schmooze, right? Just jump right in and introduce yourself!


  1. Heh…

    Good nominations from you!

    Hey, someone’s gotta schmooze :)


  2. Thanks, Amanda…hey, at least I got this post done. The previous one wasn’t so bad as it was just a play-by-play of my events of the evening? I didn’t have to think too hard and beyond that…just find a YouTube.

    This one took a lot out of me this afternoon if you can believe it.

    I still have some ideas that I’d like to get out but am rather hesitant. I’m almost afraid of my own blog now!

    Good grief. I am “Blogophobic” or suffering from “Blogophobia.” And yes, both are already in Urban Dictionary…not surprising…


  3. Symbiosis

    Good post!


  4. Hi Symbiosis…thanks…I don’t get “meme’d” that often. This is actually only the second time. I “self-meme’d” once–just to get it over with as I figured it was bound to happen eventually. This is the first time I’ve gotten a funny little badge to put on my sidebar though…that’s kind of neat.


  5. Hey there PA,

    nah, you do a mighty fine job on your blog — mixing up contemplation and emotion in unexpected ways. Thanks for the mention–in such esteemed company.



  6. Thanks Laundress…that’s a really great compliment and wow…probably exactly what I need right now to keep on the blogging wagon!

    Take care,


  7. sodajerk

    Keep that wagon rolling.


  8. Ripple … too funny! I got the Schmooze award from Fat Doctor too … *LOL*

    I never really thought of myself as a Schmoozer … now I have to readjust my way of thinking! ;o)

    I’ll definitely try to blog about this before the day is over … thankee, my dear friend! {{{ hugs! }}}


  9. Thanks sodajerk…I appreciate your support as always.

    Hey Moof, I think you’re “schmoozing” with the wrong blogger…it’s PA! Just kidding. I guess this meme is making the circuit as they always do. You’re so popular don’t you think that you wouldn’t get hit more than once? Oh, come now!

    Hugs back…


  10. Thank you, I think. What the heck am I supposed to do now?

    btw, you are doing a great job on your blog. You put yourself out there and you write thought provoking posts that sometime scare the crap out of me and, I have to admit, sometime I have no freakin’ idea what you are talking about. But that’s what makes your blog a good read. You entertain and you inform. Take care.


  11. Thanks MBA…ah, it’s just a silly meme. Pass it along to five others. Or not? And put the funny little badge on your sidebar if you wish.

    And also, thank you again for the kind words and support regarding my blog. I think you don’t give yourself enough credit about not having any idea what I’m talking about! You’re a smart cookie! And don’t be too scared of my posts *wink*

    You take care too,


  12. Hey Moof. Thanks…that’s funny–and thanks for the pingback. You know, I did have kind of a hard time with this… Especially since I haven’t been “trolling” (and no, not that kind of TROLL!) in a long time. So I find it kind of funny that I ended up getting this.

    Oh well…perhaps I’ll get “out there” and start yakking it up with some fellow bloggers a bit more.



  13. Thank you dear one! I wonder if you will even find this comment way down here.? Im sorry it has taken me so long. So much going on lately.

    I will have this baby up later today.


  14. Hey cathy, no worries about getting comments…notification turned on–I get every one received. I know you’ve been very busy so thanks for getting back to me!

    You’re welcome and have fun with it! I had a laugh as this is the first meme where I’ve gotten a little badge to place on my sidebar.


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