I haven’t had a peek at my search terms in a while so I was just browsing…a few made me laugh…I couldn’t even count all the Lisa Edelstein or “Cuddy” etc… ones.

But this one is the absolute best:

“How Can A Woman Masturbate With a Gourd”

I will say that I have never written about this. I will say I have never done this. Therefore, I have no personal knowledge of this. So searcher…you’ll just have to use your imagination.

This is my all time funniest–even if it’s complete gutter humour. Which I am not averse to–hell, no! And it will at least keep my NC-17 rating up?

*laughing so hard*

Past Search Term Ridiculosity:

April 17 2007

May 05 2007

  1. Well my mind just went brain dead on reading this post…lol I did just leave you a comment on your schmoozing post. I was afraid you wouldn’t see it since I am so late with it…Thank you!


  2. borderlinecrazy

    Yeah: I’ve got no advice for the seeker either.


  3. sodajerk

    if it is for the good of the blog,i do not mind looking.


  4. Carefully, I would have thought.


  5. HP

    Oh gourd!

    Sorry. Someone had to say it.


  6. Hi cathy, pretty mind boggling, isn’t it? I know I’ve probably said “out of my gourd” or something but I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about masturbating…oh no! PA’s blog is pretty revealing but give me a break! Okay, because I am and need to be extremely thorough, I just checked and no, I have never blogged about it. I was pretty sure. PA’s out of her mind but not that much. As said before, this isn’t a p0rn blog.

    I’m going to go out of sequence as I never do (wow…!) and address sodajerk. Glad to have and keep you entertained. Keep “peeping…”

    borderlinecrazy and darkentries, you know, not that this has been on my mind a lot but I do have some suggestions. Yes, carefully indeed. Also, make sure to wash the vegetable thoroughly and ensure to use a condom. I guess that’s about as far as I can go?

    Oh HP…well done! You beat me to the punch. I never even thought of that one!


  7. Ha ha that’s funny. I love this stuff!!


  8. Great fishwithoutbicycle, you got it!


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