Barium For Dinner?

Alright, since there was so much discussion about what on earth was going to happen with my abdominal and pelvic CT here’s the tale. But first, may I just say how absolutely wonderful medical technicians are? Now I love doctors and nurses…paramedics too but I have neglected to state how fantastic these professionals are as well. In the last couple of years or so, I’ve had an EEG and MRI for seizures and now this CT. Everyone was so great. Friendly, polite, tending to my needs. Thank you, thank you beautiful technicians!

So, on with the show.

I arrived a bit earlier and had actually forgotten that this was the same hospital where I had my MRI done. I didn’t have to sit away and rot in the waiting area as they called for me as I was still checking in at the reception area. Wow! So in I went and put on the skimpy little gowns. I was cold so they gave me some warm sheets as they didn’t have any blankets–still better than nothing! One tech came and handed me a rather large cup with a straw full of my lovely Barium. I was a little taken aback at its size. He explained that it was diluted. Thank, god! It was a litre.

May I repeat that? Yes, a litre. Now, I’ve had a Barium X-ray and you have to drink it in a thicker form–more like a milkshake. I could not imagine trying to drink a litre of a Barium shake or “meal” as it is also called.

Now, it was time to sit away and rot. I had to wait about 45 minutes for it to “work its way through me.” Okay, let the mind wander and meander as it normally does…daydream or “evening”dream as it was now getting close to 1900hrs.

So time for the CT. Now this is kind of interesting because along with the Barium, I did get shot up with the contrast dye! I guess they wanted the super duper, high definition pictures?

Probably the most uncomfortable part of it all was the IV. Not so much the insertion although my veins were being a bit difficult. They can be at times and I had to keep making a fist more so than normal, she’d completely cut off all of my circulation rather tightly and still, the tech was definitely having a bit of trouble–finally got it in. I really prefer IVs in my hand but no matter. So yes…before being inserted into the scanner myself, I had to raise my arms. Now raise your hand (haha) if you’ve ever had to do this with an IV stuck in you. Ow! Not particularly a good feeling.

So a few pics without the dye and then a few after the dye injected. The tech told me that it would make me feel “warm.” Well that would be great as I was completely freezing. A few more minutes and all done. I got up from the machine and was shivering with my teeth chattering. The tech said, you’re not that cold, are you? I answered that I was. She told me the dye was supposed to make me feel warm. I told her that it didn’t really–it only made me feel like I had to go to the bathroom!

Yes, it’s true. I felt like I was going to pee in the CT scanner–or that I actually did?! It reminded me of having Nitrous Oxide while at the dentist as a kid years ago that made me feel the same way–although not as warm?

Oh, straight to the bathroom to check that I didn’t have any kind of accident (no, I didn’t) and to get rid of some of the Barium that had worked it’s way through me (no wonder I felt like I had to urinate…?…I did!) And I was so cold, when getting dressed in such a rush, I put my T-shirt on backwards! If it weren’t for the fact that the tag would have driven me nuts and there were logos all over the back of it and it looked ridiculous, I wouldn’t have cared at all.

Anyway, all done and no real sickness. I thought just to keep things on the safe side, I should have something light for dinner–more than just Barium. So, some soup and toast.

I’ll be sure to let you all know if anything shows up but I doubt it.

  1. I had the same kind of CT scan about a year ago. They warned me that it makes you feel as if you had wet yourself.

    I’m jealous about the barium part. I had to drink three giant bottles starting the night before…..

    now on to your results……

    mine showed three different things, but no cause for the pain I was being CT’d for.


  2. Hey invisibleemma, well at least they told you about the lovely, ‘I just think I wet myself’ part!

    I’ve never heard of having to drink the Barium the night before. Huh. I thought I was when I had to do the prep for my colonoscopy! Holy shit (pun intended.)

    I had to take Citromag and Pico-Salax and it was just brutal! I wasn’t going to take the day off work but oh, if I didn’t?

    My CT didn’t show a damn thing (and neither did the colonoscopy or endoscopy or the biopsies…) Funny that yours showed things but again, no cause for the pain. Well, not funny “haha” but you know what I mean.

    I had a couple of abdominal/pelvic ultrasounds too as there was all of this appendicitis business going on–at least one time when I went to the ER as I just couldn’t stand the pain.

    The first time I had the one pelvic I laughed so hard! I had never had one before. Hello, phallic shaped object that requires a condom!

    It showed something odd too but not related to anything gastro. A small cyst on one of my ovaries! Nothing significant enough to warrant any worry. Small enough that it could have been something that just came about during my cycle and then could have gone away later?


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