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You all know that my avatar is an anime character.  I tried to do this before and it wouldn’t work. Well, here’s me as a Simpsons character. And of course, I had to add the stethoscope around my neck–are you kidding me!


If you want to give it a try, here’s the link.

PA’s done something dumb.  Which probably comes as no surprise.

Have you blogrolled her and she hasn’t blogrolled you back? Are you a regular reader that has a blog and she hasn’t blogrolled you back? The dumb thing is, she hasn’t bookmarked any of you so she can’t keep track of you and read you regularly!

*shakes head*

The only time is when she finds you via puny stats in WP or if a comment is left in a post.

Sometimes she finds herself blogrolled in the weirdest places…well, maybe not too weird but it can always be a surprise.  And Technoratty (Technorati) isn’t reliable as not everyone signs up for an account there.

She’s going to leave this up in her sidebar, probably permanently, as blogrolling and blog reading just goes on and on and on…

Please respond to this post or via email.

Thanks, everyone.