Concerta Update

Okay, so I got another “request” asking or basically telling me: “Post!” Sorry, kids.  I’ve been away for a few days trying to sort some things out.  So I’ve got a couple for you.  Here’s number one.

I went to go see Merlin #2 today and we’ve upped the Concerta/Methylphenidate to 27.5mg.  I think this is good.  I don’t think I was getting much, if anything, out of the starter dose of 18mg.  I’m not sure.

He asked me if I was doing anything like reading to test it out and of course, I have been.  Well, the reading has been typical ADD fashion.  I am skipping to the endings in impatient ways, not really sure of my retention and again, selecting several books and not really sticking to any of them.  And certainly not for any length of time.  I also told him that work is continuing to be a struggle and my concentration there is totally blown.

Merlin #2 told me that it should have kicked in by now.  Well, I know there’s the grand debate about prescribing via weight vs. brain effect.  I’m somewhere between an adult and a child in size at this point (well, okay…more toward the adult side of the scale) so if we go by weight, who knows? If we go by brain, who knows even more?

Another thing that has made me think about its effect is both my alcohol consumption of late and my mood–which both can be correlated–and taken separately.  I haven’t been able to find anything definitive about how alcohol may affect how Concerta works (or may not work.)  My alcohol consumption has increased and it has affected my mood slightly.  But so has the death of my cat.  Okay.  Depression can affect concentration.  AD(H)D completely affects concentration.

So what the hell to do? Well, increase the Concerta, stop (or at the very least work very hard to cut back on the drinking if you can’t bloody stop) and take it from there.  I can’t do anything about my dear, beloved dead cat but work through it.

In other med news, this is kind of funny.  I went to the “bloody boring” outpatient program on Monday and they had a psychopharmacologist there to speak to the group.  I swear, I had to bite my tongue at various points.  But I did blab on a bit about certain meds.  I didn’t want to get too technical as she seemed to have really “dumbed it down.”

I ran into her in the washroom afterward and she asked me what my background was.  Heh.  I told her that I was simply a “Psych/Neuro Geek” and liked to do research.  We had a really good conversation after that.  Much more detailed than during group.


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