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I’m laughing as the title of this post could lead you somewhere else?

“Get out of the gutter; you’re crowding me!”

Nope, not that.

I finally, finally, finally went out for a bike ride yesterday! Unbelievable, eh? It took me forever to get motivated but I did it. I think I’m still in shock at myself.

I got up, did some things around the house and laid on the bed and thought about it. I mean, I’ve been thinking about it all summer but I had been really thinking about it this weekend. The weather is perfect for it and… So I said to myself, “PA, you suck. Just go out there and do it!”

I got dressed in my shorts and a T-shirt and hauled the thing out. The tires needed air as it hasn’t been ridden in over a year. Pump, pump, pump. Oh dear, I thought that was enough exercise! Slight problem, however. On the front tire, I seemed to be missing my valve stem ring. Now, if you have a newer bike, you may have found that the valve stems have changed a bit. They no longer are the ones where you just attach your pump and away you go. No, mine have this little sort of screw/nut that you turn to release the pin. The valve stem ring is rather important as without that, the skinny little stem creeps back into the tire and attaching your pump is very hard.

It took me a very long time to try and keep it from sneaking back into the tire like a timid little turtle’s head. I couldn’t quite get it filled to the right amount of air pressure but good enough? I went back inside and called the closest bike shop to get another. They said sure, come down and we’ll just give you one for free. I mean, it’s this tiny, wee thing about 3mm in diameter. This place was quite a few blocks away from where I live. Public transit or a ride?

Oh, PA you lazy sod! The whole point is to go for a ride! So off I went and actually made it there fairly quickly? I wasn’t pushing myself, just clipping along at an average, and comfortable pace. So, ring attached and then a return ride home. I was out for a little over a half hour.

Wow. I had forgotten how great it felt! I really want to go out today but I have plans so I don’t know if I can fit it in. But tomorrow, for sure! I really hope this keeps up and isn’t another one of my ADD flights of fancy and I drop it like a hot potato–like so many other things I’ve done in life when I’ve taken a huge interest straight away.

So, yes…rather pleased. Too bad I wasn’t still in bloody boring outpatient group. Their jaws would be on the floor after I’d kept moaning about wanting to do it for so long haha.