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Irresponsible, idiotic, illegal, imbecile!

Well, it’s confirmed. He has ripped apart my ceiling. But that is not really why I am upset. I figured this would happen. On numerous occasions (about 562?) I have argued that my leak has come from the upstairs flat when the tenant had a shower. This has, in fact, been confirmed by both of us. My landlord was convinced that it was the rain. I repeatedly argued with him that no, it was not as it would still occur when it did not rain.

He wasted how much money I do not know on a roofer to patch who knows what and also rip apart the deck that the upstairs tenant has in the process earlier this summer. He still has not finished repairing the deck. He insists on doing the work himself and not hiring a contractor even though he is not capable of any of this type of work.

The upstairs tenant has been there for quite some time. She has told me horror stories. The landlord has entered her flat late at night without any notice (legally 24 hours is required) while she has been in bed in her pyjamas! He has done prior work there (even though she is still waiting–and has been forever–for more work to be done) and has used/touched her personal things (such as her iPod base station/stereo, coffee mugs to make coffee…who knows what else!) Go to the nearest coffee shop and get your own coffee!

I called her just now to see how things were progressing (she works from home.) She told me he knocked on the basement tenant’s flat. He was not home and the landlord entered it! Lovely! So is he entering my flat whenever I am not home as well?

And another thing. Recently he called me about a “stolen ladder” from the backyard shed. He said he had left the shed open while doing the roofing work and it was suddenly gone! I just about hit the “roof” myself. It was a message left on my phone so I called back and left him a message. I was quite terse and laid down the law about leaving the shed open and unattended as my bicycle (and pump that I thought had been stolen but was moved–and not by either of the other tenants) is in there. I do not want them stolen. I told him that I had seen the shed left open and unattended TWICE. That is unacceptable.

He told me that it would never happen as long as he was there. Really? I suggested I haul both the bike and pump into my flat if necessary. I am quite tempted still. The ladder apparently belongs to the upstairs tenant’s boyfriend. I found that out today and I guess he was using it? Still, don’t leave the shed and its contents unattended!

I tidied everything up nicely for his arrival with the plumber in my flat today but apparently the plumber only stayed a half hour. I guess it was deemed that was not the problem and source of the leak. But I think I forgot to close my clothes closet! Oh well, if he’s going to snoop, he’s going to snoop…it wouldn’t matter anyway? But the thought of him going through my underwear makes me feel just so wonderful.

I tried to place some things in rather strategic places as I have spoken to the upstairs tenant about some of these issues before. However, I couldn’t and can’t keep track of every possession I own. But if I find one thing touched, moved, (other than the things below the ripped apart ceiling) I will throw the biggest fit that I ever have in my life. And let’s not even talk about the fact of anything becoming damaged or going “missing.”

Ah yes…here’s another charming one. He and his wife are moving to Zambia! But he only told the upstairs tenant. Thank you. What about the other two of us? Why were we not told? For a while, we were all wondering just what was going to happen to us. Would the house be sold? Would someone or some company be called upon to manage the property? Would he be so out of his mind to try and manage the property himself from AFRICA!

So far, I have learned that there will be a Property Manager hired. This should and would be the best case scenario (provided that this person is not just as ridiculous as our dingbat landlord.) The absolute worst would have been a purchaser who decided to (re)convert the building to a single family dwelling and move in or rent the flats to family members. This can be done?

You know, when I met him (and I don’t know if this is a stereotype or not) I found out he was a “Man of the Cloth.” Yes, he is a minister. I gathered from that, he would be an honest, reliable and trustworthy man? As soon as I can, I think I need to find a new flat. After winter, however? Who wants to move then? Who wants to move, ever?

I even suggested today to the upstairs tenant that we all look for a big house, rent it and just bloody well move in together! All three of make a run for it and leave him in the lurch to find three new tenants all at once and swallow the cost of the lost rent while he’s waiting. We all get along, are all around the same age, smoke, are Mac users…why not?! Granted, PA pretty much likes to live alone but maybe some social interaction would do her some good if we’re all “pretty cool.”

My stomach’s been a bit off today…I think perhaps I now know why?