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No, I didn’t get spanked *wink*

I went out for a two hour lunch today, had a couple of pints? I didn’t even realize how long it had been! I had a lovely time with a woman who had invited me out.  She has MS and I’m crazy–it’s all good.  Physical “disability” and mental “disability?”  Two peas in a pod!

Anyway, it had been a while since we talked due to my absence from work.  It took us a wee bit to set up the lunch but today we finally co-ordinated it.  Perfect, it’s a Friday.

So away we went.  She didn’t drink as she’s on a motorized scooter.  Best not to drink and drive? I had a couple.  What the hell? We talked a lot.  We had a great deal to catch up on regarding work and a lot to yap about regarding personal stuff too.  It was great.  But wow…two hours!

I get an hour for lunch.  But I never take my lunches.  So it should obviously even out, right? I told my boss (one of them) that I was leaving at 1300hrs.  I got back just before 1500hrs.  I tried not to look too drunk.  Well, I wasn’t really.  And I did eat.  But I am finding my focus is off and I have taken a vow that I will not work for the rest of the afternoon unless I absolutely have to.

We had a good little “gossipy” chat when I came back, my boss and I.  I kept my distance lest I smell like Heineken a bit too much.  But I had a cigarette before coming in–and some food, again.  Should be okay? Oh hell, my workplace is so lax, no one really cares if you go out for lunch and have a bit to drink.  Why was I so worried? Just the time factor? But yes, I joked with him that I never took lunch so who cared, right? He actually agreed.  Heh.  Everyone is happy on a Friday?

He was actually rather gloomy as he said he wanted to go out for lunch as he never did either.  I said to him well, we could go out for lunch! He thought that was a good idea.  Yes, more lunches outside of the office, drink up.  Work is boring.  So is this post but I have just under an hour and half to kill so I don’t know what else to do.  I think I’ll skip out a bit early today too.

Okay wait. I don’t mean that the blog love is long overdue. I’ve gotten blog love before so it’s not like I’m pining away for it, missing it like some heartbroken, devastated little PA, crying at her computer, just waiting for some blogger to reach out and touch her.

No. But if you want to, feel free. That’s great!

Poor, fishwithoutbicycle! Or better yet, poor me. fish is probably saying, “PA, you lying, bloody cow! I sent you blog love and even though I know you thought it was gubbins, I did it anyway.”

Well, I responded to fish that I didn’t think it was gubbins. I don’t! When anyone gives me blog love in any form of an award I never think it’s gubbins! But because it’s taken so long for me to get the damn post written and place the badge in my sidebar, no doubt fish really does believe that I do think it’s gubbins!

Now I tried. I did. But WP ate my damn post after I spent an hour composing it several days ago. So after “penis post” that was so easy to “get up” today at work (sorry, I still can’t stop with the wordplay…) I am determined to write this if it kills me tonight.

Now if you didn’t click on the “award” link above, there were three awards that all of the recipients could choose. Well, now…usually honourees are just given a badge and that is that. So, what should PA do? I had a think about it and at first, I thought I should be “conventional” but then I realized that there was something wrong with that. Something was bothering me about my original choice.

That choice was the “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” badge. The other choices were the “Rockin’ Boy Blogger” badge or the “Bodacious Blog” badge. Well, as far as the latter, it has/had this crazy, quite (in my opinion) poorly drawn cartoon face and was just…well, ugly! Even the font sucked! Apologies to anyone else who chose that one…sorry!

So I have decided to go with the “Rockin’ Boy Blogger” badge. There are three reasons for this and I am quite happy with each:

  1. I can not stand gender bias in any way, shape or form and it pissed me off to no end that the “girl” badge was pink and the “boy” badge was blue. That is ridiculous. If you have children, paint the damn walls neutral. Buy your children toys for both genders or if they prefer one over the other then buy them those–whatever they want. Just make them happy and don’t force them into stereotyped roles.
  2. Blue looks better in my sidebar. Good god, this blog already looks like hell as it is. But again, I haven’t seen Garland anywhere else in my travels so I’m sticking with it!
  3. I am in touch with my “masculine side.” I’m also in touch with my “feminine side” but just to demonstrate the former…I’m takin’ the “boy badge!”

So I’ve finally posted it pet. I’m so sorry it took me so long. Again, no reflection upon my appreciation.

Edit: Oh, no way. I do not believe it. The bloody image file is “corrupt.” I can’t upload it and put the damn thing on my blog. Well, I guess that’s it then. Poppet’s sorry…love. I tried but at least I got the post up? Finally?

Oh wait…one more thing…at the very least, I can stream a song for fish… 23 by Blonde Redhead that I actually discovered from her blog.

Edit: This post is so old but in all the craziness of trying to put it up, I still didn’t get it right! And now since I just got another comment, I have to rectify that…oh, six months later? It’s not the “Rockin’ Boy Blogger!” It’s the “Awesome Guy Blogger!” Duh.