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I know I don’t have to post every day but I’m kind of bored so I’ll throw something up. Is my battery in the red? No, not mine. MacBook. I’m sitting outside. A little under half so all good until I have to go inside. My battery is relatively fine?

Crap, my back is sore. What’s up with that? When I came back from lunch yesterday I could hardly stand it. We have these awesome ergonomic chairs and I even have this funky footrest but I couldn’t get comfortable. I curled up and sat cross legged in my chair (but not the Lotus Position although I can do that) and just moused on my knee. That felt better. I need to go see a RMT. I get some benefit coverage from work so why am I not going? Because I’m an idiot?

I’ve told you all some horror stories from my pub but it’s not all bad. Maybe I should tell you some of the more entertaining or nicer ones?

It’s a very small Irish pub. Now being in Canada, of course it gets filled with Canadians but there are a lot of ex-pat UK patrons and ex-pat Irish ones. At times, you need to make the distinction. Most times. Not always a wise move to tell someone from Ireland that they are from the UK?

Being as small as it is, virtually everyone is a regular. Wow, everyone knows everyone else. It can be a bit of gossip central. But that’s okay. I listen, hear peoples’ stories. I don’t really engage–or try not to? But sometimes it’s hard! A lot of times, it’s just like, “Are you kidding me? No way!” I try to keep a lot of my personal details other than my mentalness and my sexuality private but I’m out to the entire human race about those things so who cares?

The owners are very nice but sometimes I wonder how they make any money. They spot people for drinks all the time. They keep running tabs (well, for all regulars) but for some of those, if they can’t pay right away, not to worry! Huh?

It is truly a “men’s pub” in that there are very few female regulars. If I do meet a woman there who has not visited before and does not know where the washrooms are, I crack this one…or sometimes I just pull this joke out to anyone as they don’t realize how this makes me laugh so hard: “Don’t wear your best shoes.” The reason for this is, the bathrooms in the pub remind me of gay bars that are busier than hell either during Gay Pride celebrations or just being plain old busy anytime. There are only two bathrooms and even though there are no signs to indicate as such, both men and and women freely use either.

I have never seen this happen in a pub, restaurant…anywhere outside of gay establishments. I have no idea why this is? For sure, the pub is an intimate environment where yes, everyone seems to know everyone else but I do find this rather bizarre. Use at your own peril, at least urine is sterile? *PA shakes head*

We had a music festival earlier this summer on my street and of course it was insane in the pub. Not only filled to the brim with regulars but people from outside the area. A royal piss up but it can be a royal piss up just about any night anyway. But during this festival, people can really go wild. Case in point here.

PA was talking to a guy she knows and his girlfriend. He was wearing this shirt or at least something close if this is a newer design. Now PA is a footie fan and although it’s not official kit, it’s still pretty cool. So somehow, the idea of swapping T-shirts came up. Fine, nice shirt! We did. He ripped it off right in the middle of the bar! Okay, no way. PA is not stripping in the middle of her local! I ran down to the lovely unisex toilets and took mine off. Heh. Ironically I was wearing one of my volunteer Gay Pride T-shirts. I brought it back up and asked if it was okay with both of them. They were all…”…yeah…woo hoo…Gay Pride!” Okay…

We have bands/musicians in there. Lord knows how some of them can fit with it being so small! Occasionally it’s just one guy or two with a guitar or something or other. Well, one night there was yes, an entire band with a guitarist, bass player, drummer and a harmonica player. The harmonica player had a belt full of harmonicas. There must have been about 20 on the belt. Now, I know they come in different keys and all of that but I was like, how many do you really need?!

I started joking around with him like I was going to reach into one of the little slots on his belt and steal one while he was playing. He just laughed. I spoke to him during one of their breaks and told him I was quite impressed by such an array. I joked again and asked if he had any spares that I could have. I have no clue how to play a harmonica! He told me that yes, he had some older ones at home and he’d give me one. Okay, whatever. He said, come back on this certain night in the future and he’d bring it. Okay, whatever part II.

I had completely forgotten about going back on that night. Okay, whatever part III. I did go back another night and they happened to be there. I walked in and he immediately recognized me and sort of waved with one of his hands while he was playing. I thought that was nice in a surprised kind of way but then I thought, oh no…PA the groupie? No…that I am not. Please do not let him think that!

So at a break again, just being an arse, I said, “Hey did you bring me my harmonica?” He told me that yes, he did. Wow. That’s really nice. He gave it to me and said whenever I come back and they are there, bring it and he’d show me some tricks. Shit, maybe I am some sort of “closet groupie.” No, not really. I’ve never seen them since but I still have my nice little pressie so if I want to make some funny noises around my apartment I can.

All the bartenders are female. Again, at least that raises the female population? They are all fantastic and love wee PA. I drink Harp there–of course, an Irish pub! Many times, I have been in, it’s the first pour. Now sometimes with first pours of kegs, it doesn’t always work so well. There’s lots of foam and head. With some of the bartenders and the owner, they may pour as much as they can into two pint glasses to let it settle and then a bit more in another glass to give me something to drink while I am waiting. This generally amounts to two pints? I am only charged for one. I’m not sure how often this happens with others but again…how much money does this establishment make?

And oh yes. A nod to one of the bartender’s boyfriend. He has a motorcycle and PA was commenting about how it had been so long since she’d been out on one. Her pint was placed in the fridge to keep it cold and he promptly took her for a ride. Lovely!

Despite a few bad apples, PA has indeed made some “friends.” Some she speaks to on a regular basis, some she just “knows” and can chat with. On quite a few occasions and it seems to be more frequent now, her entire tabs for the evening are being paid off by these gentlemen. I do not understand this strange phenomenon. Nothing untoward is happening. Or ever has. Or ever will.

So I guess that’s enough pub business. It’s quite a place, I suppose.

I bought some books and CDs at a charity sale at work the other day. Funny PA. More books to add to the ones that she already hasn’t read. Oh, but she can never resist the annual sale for the annual charity drive.

So I ended up with “A Brief History of Medicine from Hippocrates to Gene Therapy” by Paul Strathern, “The Best of the Brain From Scientific American” Edited by Floyd E. Bloom M.D., “Inside A Cutter’s Mind” by Jerusha Clark with Dr. Earl Henslin and “Written In The Flesh A History Of Desire” by Edward Shorter. I have no idea if any of these are good at all but who cares? They were a few dollars each.

The CDs?

“Extraordinary Ways” by Conjure One, “set free” by the american analog set and “…Waltzing Alone” by The Guggenheim Grotto. I also have no idea if these are any good either but no matter. They were even cheaper than the books. And the latter has probably the coolest packaging design I have ever seen! Worth it to buy on that alone. So if I find anything that’s aurally pleasing, you can bet I’ll be streaming it here.

Alright, end of boring post.