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Okay, looks like it’s going to be another late night. Not as bad as last night though? I never mentioned that but not important…just more PA ridiculousness.

I got a call today from my “Escher friend,” R. We were out last night killing each other again–well, there you go–late night. PA+ADD+Alcohol=Stimulant=No Sleep (for a long time.) He is either my arch nemesis or my identical twin in the alcohol arena. Or both. Anyway, I was outside this afternoon and he left me a voicemail:

“Hi, PA. It’s R. Call me.”

Now normally, his calls/messages are certainly a bit more upbeat. Hey, how are you, hope you got home okay, had a good night last night etc… This one did not sound great. I tried to call back within an hour but I couldn’t reach him. Now, R. is a bit of a Luddite. No knowledge of computers–he didn’t even have voicemail. So after taking care of some things I needed to do, I skipped off to the pub as I was fairly certain he would be there.

Good god. What the hell happened between last night and today?! He looked like he hadn’t slept in a week! Now, it was only about 1930 or so…I called about two hours earlier…he couldn’t have been there that long. Not too drunk? But he sounded like he’d been drinking for a week too! He couldn’t talk and was repetitive and not making a lot of sense. He was troubled but wouldn’t open up. Just glad to see me. That, he told me about 38 times. Okay…

Well, a couple of pints later, I was starting to become repetitive as well in my firm commands to tell him to get the hell home and go to sleep. We finally left. He could barely walk so I took him home and stepped inside for a bit.

R. lives with an absolute Depressive B. Boy, at this point, it’s like a big psychiatric/lunatic/insanity party? I’ve seen B. about three times–one of which was on the street. R. is amazed that B. even talks to me as he apparently doesn’t speak to anyone but R. I told R. kind of laughing that we headcases have this kind of sixth sense about each other, this bizarre, intangible sort of aura that emanates from us and we all just sort of gravitate to each other. Unless someone has severe Social Phobia? *rolls eyes*

Anyway, we get there and R. is still a rambling, fucking mess, B. is suddenly all chatty and doesn’t want me to leave and keeps timing my departure, asking me to stay for so many more minutes each time. B. starts offering me cookies, showing me his books…crap, he even began offering me all of these ones to take home and read! My reading is, as you all know, so poor right now…I took one that looked interesting but stopped there. I thanked him and politely told him that just one was enough.

I finally had to get out of there. I mean, not that again, I don’t care or that these gentlemen aren’t worth spending time with…I was and am just exhausted.

Never a dull moment, eh?