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Alright, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for everyone out there but this is what I did.

I didn’t go home straight after work. I got hauled into the pub by “Escher” and some friends to talk. I told them of my condition and warned them that I might pass out at any second. Some pints were poured into me and I really couldn’t tell if I was coming or going. Thank goodness for the stimulant effects of alcohol and the passage of time. I did end up “waking up.”


I hadn’t ingested anything except about five mugs of tea and a tin of Ensure at work as I felt like such crap so I thought some food might be a good idea? On the way home, I picked up some Miso soup, salad, Sushi and Tempura. Oh, it was like Christmas in little styrofoam containers when I got home! Except that’s kind of bad because you can’t recycle them. Still, yummy.

Nothing on television though. Television sucks, don’t you think? I mean…it can. I can never find much to watch but House and a few other things. Even Jeopardy isn’t much fun anymore as you need to play it with someone else and I miss ex-partner for that. Anyway…

So I (re)hooked up my DVD player after idiot landlord came in and messed about after the whole flooding incident and it was some time for Cowboy Bebop. If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much my favourite anime series and my avatar is Faye Valentine from that show. See my Anime Category for more on the show. I’m still watching it as I’m typing this.

So yeah, bloody “Escher.” Well, he’s straightened up at least for now. He got shat upon at work for his drinking. I was right in my thinking that it was pretty out of control. I was also right in his prior Antidepressant trials. He’s now going on Amitriptyline, Oxazepam (my old benzo, ironically) and Naltrexone for the alcohol dependency. I told him over and over again how proud I was of him for doing this. He is seeing a psychotherapist as well. I told him to keep sticking with his meds no matter, even if one (particularly the Antidepressant) doesn’t work. You will find something that will work for you.

So some beer, some good news, some food, some anime?

It may not work for everyone but maybe it’s alright for me. And again…time…I usually get over this in 24 hours. Still, I should get to bed. It’s a little late and for some reason…I just can’t seem to get into bed at any kind of hour when I know I should. Maybe I’ll take the last Gravol in the pack along with the Seroquel, just to make sure…

I could stream a song as well but I can’t find one right now that encapsulates everything in this post: Pain, stupidity, irresponsibility, responsibility, boredom, need for sleep and cartoons (albeit–amazing ones!)

That’s a tall order for a song.


Yesterday before leaving work I got a migraine. Or well, my “prodrome” symptoms which I always used to call an aura but that is not correct. I mixed up my terminology. I hate that. But I hate migraines even more. I’ve always been lucky in that I’ve gotten them while at home before.

Interesting this time around as I was not feeling “right” mood wise in the morning although there was no reason for it. Migraine prodromes can occur hours or days before a migraine–change in mood is one on the list. This has never happened before. Usually, things hit fast. These include for me: Light sensitivity, irritability and nausea (the latter apparently during the migraine itself–not the prodrome?) Oh whatever…who cares? Bottom line, you feel like crap. But my head was indeed starting to hurt.

The day after (the “postdrome”) I simply call “the migraine hangover.” Now, usually, I experience simply “shovel neck.” It feels like someone has given you a nice beating with one. I tried to get rid of it with a good, hot shower this morning before leaving for work but I knew that was pointless. Usually, that is about it except for a bit of fatigue? Nowhere have I seen “shovel neck” mentioned as part of the postdrome. And certainly not as that term *rolls eyes* Well, not really rolling my eyes as that would be too painful.

You see, I still have a bit of a headache, I still have some tummy upset and I am very fatigued. Despite the fact that I slept for about 12 hours. The best way for me to get over one–sleep it off! These things today are a little odd as I have never experienced them but who knows?

I checked myself over in the bathroom mirror at work and I don’t quite look like death warmed over but I’m really not looking that great, I’m sure?

So yes, all rather problematic yesterday as I did not have my migraine meds with me. I take Maxalt/Rizatriptan which is a triptan as you can gather by the latter portion (generic name) and they must or should be taken as soon as you feel or know that you’ve got a migraine coming on. I haven’t had one in so long as I figured that my primary Anticonvulsant (Topamax/Topiramate) had been doing triple duty for the Bipolar, seizures and the migraines. Also, the only trigger that I have identified is seasonal change. Two days ago we went from great, sunny, hot and warm to awful, cloudy, cold and damp in 24 hours. That should do it?

My commute takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get home. I was almost ready to cry. And it was crowded. I had to wait a while to get a seat. Pain indeed evident now.

So, in the door, Maxalt under the tongue and pop the Gravol/Dimenhydrinate down my throat. I want to kiss whoever invented Gravol–although they are probably dead. Correct that. I do not want to kiss a dead person.

Is there a thing as Gravol Addiction? Well, no doubt there is and I’m sure I would be a prime candidate! Oh, it just makes me feel so good as I slip away into such a beautiful and blissful, relaxed state and then pass out. I swear, none of my psych meds have ever done that to me and I’ve never tried any opiates, heroin…nothing like that but holy shit. I can’t believe something as fantastic for wee PA is available over the counter! Not to worry, though…I only take it when my tummy is upset. Or I have taken it on occasion when I couldn’t sleep in the past.

So after waiting for so long, I think the Maxalt worked but I didn’t know as I was too busy drifting off into wonderful Gravol Land and not having a care in the world about anything. I woke up briefly and took my sleep meds as I knew the Gravol wouldn’t be enough for me to make it through the night. If needed, you can take another Maxalt in two hours if you are still reeling in pain–or well, still in pain to any degree.

Now, don’t take a fit everyone but my Maxalt had expired *laughing* I know, I know…we’ve gotten into this before, recently but I had to take something! OTC pain meds won’t help you if you have a migraine! I guess that goes to show you how long it’s been since I’ve had one. I need to get some more, I suppose.

I don’t know what else I can write. Actually, I just took a look at my Migraine Category and the last time I posted about having one was in January of 2007. Now again, I can’t remember if I’ve had any since…nonetheless.

So work is indeed a chore, today. I’m just kind of staring at everything–with somewhat droopy eyes.

EDIT: One of my bosses just asked me what the hell was wrong with me.  I told him.  I guess I don’t look so great after all hehe.