You See?

If he had my defibrillator that I invented that I wrote about here in my comment section, this guy would have been fine!

  1. Symbiosis

    Ha..u r cute…hate to burst your bubble…we already have invented!


  2. Symbiosis

    what it a temporary external defib that appears as a jacket…neat huh?


  3. Oh, Symbiosis! I was trying to be smart and funny (and maybe stupid) and…you burned me! I had no idea…

    Okay, you didn’t burn me…whoever came up with the idea first, burned me. But at least I thought of it–even if I was being silly on my blog?

    And hey…you’re still one of my M.D. friends reading–send me some scrubs.

    Yes, I am becoming pathological about hospital gear.


  4. tracy

    Dear PA,
    Wanted you to know i am thinking of you and hope you are feeling a tad bit better…whatever happened must have been truly traumatic and you need some time to deal (poker, anyone?) before writing about it, so i echo the others and say take your time and just know that we are all here for you. And care a whole b u n c h. love and hugs, tracy


  5. Hi tracy, thank you so much. I don’t even know how to play poker! I vaguely remember trying as a kid but I had more fun just throwing the coloured chips up in the air. Goofy PA. I think I still would have more fun doing that than playing the card game to this day.

    I am actually feeling a bit(?) better today…I think? My mood is a bit brighter? I thought I was starting to really slip into Depression Scary World but hopefully not–provided I don’t get a poopy pants email from my sister in response to mine, in response to hers, the other day. I have just arrived at work and I haven’t checked anything yet.

    And even though I am still exhausted during the day, I just want to kiss my Seroquel. I have been crashing so hard no matter what time I go to bed.

    I have no clue why…perhaps because I am simply redonculous but I checked my blog stats now. They all but died when I stopped posting but have risen quite a bit over the last couple of days. Either people are really worried or interested in my dumb/boring two posts of late.

    I am actually going to try and write the whole damn thing out today. I realize I can’t do it–well probably not at night during the week. I’m just too bloody tired when I get home. I probably have ample time to do it at work–even though I should be working…

    But again…try. If not today then the weekend for sure. I’m more of less “over it.” Well, my mood and body may say no but in thinking about it, I’m sort of–well, what can you do? It’s done, in the past, right?


  6. Symbiosis

    Oh dear, I would send you scrubs in a heartbeat….but unfortunately I am not doing any clinical work and have none on me…but as soon as I start clinical stuff again I promise to send you a pair as soon as I get my hands on one!


  7. Hi Symbiosis, oh you’re a love. I’m starting to feel like a real “scrub mooch” or something but I promise, everyone who sends a pair receives a gift in return. Of course! PA still has manners even if she has few (and ever decreasing these days) brain cells!


  8. Symbiosis

    I only need some good luck and love….which I already know you would have for me!


  9. Symbiosis

    Also, please dont think I am not reading your posts…I am..its just that I am not at a point where I am now in a black hole and cannot make any I refrain from commenting.


  10. Hi Symbiosis, oh yes…lots of love and luck for you from me!

    And it’s okay about not commenting–and I am glad that you are reading. Thank you. I am sorry you are in a black hole. *PA hangs head*

    I’m still feeling kinda poopy too.

    Hugs for Symbiosis.

    Well, even if you want to comment, feel free to not make any sense. I tend to post and not make a lot of sense? Or sometimes I certainly have? I mean, who cares about my groceries?!

    I always invite people to come here and not make sense.


    Just trying to give you something to smile about?


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