Archive for October 27th, 2007

You all(?) know I moved back to my old neighbourhood as I broke up with my partner this spring. Well, if you’re kind of new, now you know. They have two slightly, smallish grocery stores in the area and without a car, I can’t make it to some larger ones further away so I am stuck.

They both used to do deliveries (i.e. you pop in, do your shopping and they take you home.) The one closest to me nuked that service last fall. Bugger. The one a few more blocks away still does it!

Oh, glory be! I am so tired today and I have no food. Winter will be coming and there is no way I can use my stupid little cart to make it up the damn hill where my flat is when winter finally arrives–with no warning–as winter usually does.

Could you imagine? Slipping and sliding in snow and ice with a wee cart, leaving a trail of food behind me–that is if I didn’t leave a trail of my own limbs behind me.

Alright, time to get back on with MP3 Of The Moment too…that’s been neglected for a while.

And I need to get back on with food! My appetite/eating has perished incredibly with all of this complete disastrous…oh words…call the whole thing whatever you wish! I am wondering if I have, in fact, lost the 10lbs. that gastro said I gained due to all of the stress of the last week or so. I hope not. That was kind of good news.