It’s Good To Have A Sense Of Humour

I met a woman during my fifth hospitalization.  She was my “roomie,” actually. We stayed friends until she moved away. I still have her number, though.

Nonetheless, once when I pulled one of my more disastrous but with great, shameful flourish, Bipolar screw ups, she came running to my aid (literally and that’s pretty good for someone who is rather agoraphobic.) I sat practically motionless in my apartment until she arrived. Prior to coming over, the only thing she could manage to say over the telephone was: “Try to maintain a sense of humour!”

We did actually laugh about that later. It’s pretty hard to be all jovial and feel like you’re ready to try out your new stand up comedy routine at the next open mic night when you take a look at yourself and based upon what you’ve done (or something that has happened) you realize that you are completely FUBAR.

This came up on my iPod on the way home from work yesterday. I could stream it on MP3 Of The Moment but I’m still in the middle of my 20th Century Composer Series and I’d really like to draw peoples’ attention to it.

Oh, hilarious.

Don’t bother with the video. In fact, I didn’t think it was all that great or made a lot of sense. But lyrically, it completely fits the bill of my mother and her call to 911–and my role in it all.

HA! This is “Infra-Red” by Placebo.  Not too raucous as far as some of their tunes? I know everyone out there has different tastes but again, it is the essential “craziness” of the song and the lyrics that are so fitting.


The second funny thing is this.

It’s no wonder we are the most productive department in the company. Or well, if not the most productive then at least the happiest. Wow, we turn the air blue at times. No, sometimes beyond blue–the whole bloody spectrum!

  1. tracy

    lol, PA, perfect song, what a match for your, ah, incident…you are sooo right, gotta keep a sense of humor…why do you think i call my self “chica loca” whenever someone of Latino background askes about all the obvious scars on my arms? :-) and that’s only the begining…i too met some great people at inpatient…unfortunately, lost touch…

    be well, tracy


  2. Nowt wrong with being FUBAR – whole political infrastructures run on the principle.



  3. Hi tracy, I’m glad you liked the song. Chica Loca…that’s good. I think I just use all of my ongoing expressions on my blog. Maybe more?

    Yes, it is hard to maintain the connections that you make (if any) with people that you meet while inpatient. Perhaps it’s because we’re all nuts. I did get along really well with P. from my last stay and over the last month or so we were playing ridiculous telephone tag and trying to make plans but just couldn’t find suitable dates.

    I should try and call him again. I can’t remember whose “turn” it was–not that it matters!

    Hi Beattie, agreed. Politics (and many other things?) are completely FUBAR!

    And by the way, I remembered the fancy pants tea–well, once I looked at it when I got home!

    Oh dear…I’m at work now…let me think…oh, hell…this might take a while but I have several hours left in my day…

    *PA stares off into space*

    Alright, Google to the rescue?

    There it is! Fortnum and Mason!


  4. Fortnum and Mason – that is posh!As in Royal family posh. I’ve heard of it but never actually seen and in the flesh as it were.

    what I’m talking about is this:

    It’s the absolute business. Even the decaf is good, which takes some doing. Speaking of which…I shall go apply the kettle.



  5. Hey there PA!
    Glad to see you back in the blogging game… you had vanished for awhile there! Thanks for sharing that Infra Red video, LOVE it!

    Hope things are going okay with you!

    yours truly,


  6. Hey Beattie…you make me laugh! Is it really that posh? I’m not from the UK as you know (although I try to pass…) but my friend…well…let’s just say before he even gave it to me I knew it was good.

    He is so gay. Well, okay. He’s not flaming but you would probably know? And of course I don’t mean that in a bad way! I’m gay too! I’m just not “flaming.” It’s kind of different with women…well, I guess our version of “obviousness” is really butchy women?

    Ah, I hate all of the gay stereotype thing. Oh well…some things are more telltale? Well, if you met PA you’d never know perhaps? Well, not unless she started flirting with you. HA! But, no…PA is not a “butch.”

    But wow… He loves his fashion, his colognes, I mean…he is by no means “rich” but because of the fact that he does earn a decent salary teaching and lives at the school (that is, not having to pay for a flat, rent and all of that which is ridiculous in London) he has means to spend, travel…

    Oh, he’s always been like that even in Canada! Ever since I’ve known him! He will not settle for anything less if he can’t afford it! Oh, he makes me laugh.

    But the Yorkshire tea looks lovely too. I love tea, no matter.

    Tea, tea, tea…and yes with milk. Black tea…no. And yes, a bit of sweetener. Honey…nice but sugar if necessary?

    Maybe I should send you my Fortnum and Mason teabags? I mean, I can surely get more from my friend?

    Hi The Laundress, thank you for coming by. Things have been…well…bad. There you go. No way around it. I have been posting a bit but not reading.

    I am thinking…(?)…that you might have seen me through Dr. Rob’s blog and the post I made there? Yes, we emailed and he coaxed me out. If not, then I guess you just “magically” popped by?

    Either/or…really great to see you.



  7. tracy

    Dear PA,
    i am so sorry things are bad…again. me too. so, who and where is Dr. Rob…? i searched all over your blog roll and can’t find him…? i mean, only if you want to tell, i don’t mean to be so intrusive, sorry…much love and care, i hope you feel better, t


  8. tracy

    ps i think my sweet resident might be gay…i think it would be really cool if he was…don’t ask me why, ’cause i know that came out sounding really steryotyped and wrong somehow, but somehow he is just so sensitive and nice, maybe he is just that and i connect those traits with being gay…? whatever, i am just getting my self in deeper and deeper….sigh. and then there was this short conversation we had about the movie “Philadelphia” and a scene in it and he said “wow, you just sent chills through me”, something like that….either way, how blessed i am to be in treatment with such a kind soul.


  9. Hey tracy, good to see you again. It’s not so much that things are bad again. That was my message to The Laundress as she hadn’t seen me for a while and as a result, I figured she had not been reading my blog.

    I was being lazy and just wrote “Dr. Rob” as, again, that is how I figured she “tracked me down.” She knows him. His blog is listed in my sidebar/blogroll as “Musings of a Distractible Mind.” He’s cool and funny and has always been very nice to me ever since I started blogging.

    Interesting about your Resident being gay? Or not interesting? That’s a good question…is it in fact interesting if someone is gay? Does anyone out there find it interesting that I’m gay *laughing* I don’t think so…no one’s asked me out on a date yet *rolls eyes*

    Well, hey…if you think being gay is cool, I’ll take that as a compliment! Shit, it’s better than people thinking it’s NOT COOL! The harassment, at its worst gay bashing… oh dear.

    I think the most decent folk out there just don’t give a damn and say who cares? It really doesn’t matter. Because it really doesn’t! Who you wish to sleep with or who you fall in love with is just part of who you are as a person. And for some people, it can be both–bisexuality. That rocks in my books too.

    I always say stereotypes don’t become stereotypes for no reason. But I think it’s important to look at why they become stereotypes to gain a level of understanding of them–not just accept them for what they are. If that happens, then that leads to people making generalizations and misconceptions.

    I am not saying that is what you are doing. It’s a fine balance and very hard to interpret people from their “surface” behaviours. And this goes beyond the gay world anyway. But it’s a really big example of stereotypical behaviour. And even trying to understand how they all evolved can be a lot of horsefeathers anyway.

    Crap. Am I making any sense here? I’m hardly the Queen of Sociology.

    But I did have to laugh about the ‘Philadelphia” comment and “chills?” Or at least ponder something. Was your comment to him very emotive(!) or was it simply a reference to a part of the movie that moved him so much?

    Now, I don’t think I have ever heard of a straight man being moved or chilled by “Philadelphia!”


  10. tracy

    Oh, my, what a tangled mess i weave…..i know i am being judgemental by the way a person acts on the outside and that is sooooo wrong, even if it is complementary…i a m sorry. i don’t mean to judge, but i guess i do it anyway all the time…damn it. And to say it would “be cool if he were gay”….well, i don’t know where that came from….whatever. Anyhow, the part in the movie i mentioned, which the resident said sent chills through him, is when the main character and his lawyer are listening to the aria and it is a very emotional scene….and i don’t think i mentioned it in a super emotive way… talk to you later, kiddo, and be sure to take care of you, t


  11. Ah tracy, don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes people may “judge” and other times, people may simply “perceive” and make observations and act upon that fact. Or again, think something? I mean, we all perceive things from each other. We have to in order to try to understand each other–and in order to communicate–or try to!

    Good grief. I’ve bungled communication so many times with people. I think everyone has.

    If people are aware enough (and a lot aren’t!) it’s good to step back and see if they are being judgmental. If so, then try and change that behaviour?

    And maybe your “cool if he was gay” comment was really just a form of, like I mentioned, a manner of acceptance and that it doesn’t matter how people live their lives–that you weren’t in fact being judgmental at all?

    Well, still interesting about the whole “Philadelphia” thing but here’s something to think about while we’re on the topic of being “judgmental,” making assumptions and stereotypes…

    What did I say in my last comment? That I didn’t think I had ever (emphasis on ever?) heard of a straight man being moved or chilled by that movie. Now, what did I just possibly do there? Uh huh…pretty much boxed up all the straight guys and shipped them off to “Insensitive Island.” And did it have anything to do with the fact that the movie was gay in content? Of course it did! Why the hell did I toss in the adjective straight?

    So, indeed…no one is immune. Even totally open minded PA! Who knows? Maybe your Resident is a really, sensitive straight guy who is even a massive Tom Hanks and Opera fan! I mean, you never know who people are until you really get to know them and even then they can still be full of loads of surprises…


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