Archive for November 17th, 2007

Good grief. Now, my stats aren’t that high (or at zero) but sheesh. Maybe you are my regulars or maybe you are referrals…or maybe you are all here by accident but nonetheless, thanks for coming by!

I’m still alive. I swear…I just don’t know what on earth to write about! I mean, this is the exact opposite from when I was in hospital in the spring and I was making sometimes two or three posts a day! I made one every day, definitely. I’m reasonably sure I was driving my regular readers back then, almost to the point of checking themselves into the psych ward just by trying to keep up with me.

So, in a complete parallel, my life is indeed as boring as this blog. I mean, nothing is happening. Maybe that’s at least one reason I haven’t been writing? I’m really just not sure what to say.

I’m still having some issues with motivation and I’m kind of…erm…blah. Winter is starting to, well…not arrive in full force but the temperature is dropping and wee PA absolutely can not stand winter. Yet another factor that adds to me not wanting to do a damn thing. I really must get my stupid arse moving with at least some form of something…something at least “amusing?”

Well, here’s something…amusing?

I came by a free iMac. Ahhh…you’re all thinking, ‘Whoa, PA! Great score!’ Heh.

It’s a G3 with an 18GB HDD. Someone boosted it up to 512MB RAM…woo hoo! There is some software on it and it does work. It’s actually running OSX. The only issue (well, maybe not the only one) is the DVD (ROM, not burner haha) is broken but I have MacBook and a home DVD player already. But now I have an external keyboard and a mouse if I ever get tired of a tiny keyboard and a touchpad. That’s kind of cool. And the guy who checked it out and did some work on it thinks there’s a wifi card in it?

I don’t know. I haven’t looked at it. It’s still sitting in the box as again, I’m too unmotivated to do anything *rolls eyes*

Ah, well. It was free. And it does work. Kind of fun to have a nice Mac antique…or it will be in about a month? I’ll have Mac Guru take a gander when he visits me next time.

Oh, and for all the Mac Heads out there…I got the “Indigo” model *laughing* Actually, that is quite good. Some of their colours were rather hideous when they came out with the iMacs back then!