Bloody Hell, I Can’t Believe People Are Still Visiting This Blog! Well, Here’s Something Kind of Funny…

Good grief. Now, my stats aren’t that high (or at zero) but sheesh. Maybe you are my regulars or maybe you are referrals…or maybe you are all here by accident but nonetheless, thanks for coming by!

I’m still alive. I swear…I just don’t know what on earth to write about! I mean, this is the exact opposite from when I was in hospital in the spring and I was making sometimes two or three posts a day! I made one every day, definitely. I’m reasonably sure I was driving my regular readers back then, almost to the point of checking themselves into the psych ward just by trying to keep up with me.

So, in a complete parallel, my life is indeed as boring as this blog. I mean, nothing is happening. Maybe that’s at least one reason I haven’t been writing? I’m really just not sure what to say.

I’m still having some issues with motivation and I’m kind of…erm…blah. Winter is starting to, well…not arrive in full force but the temperature is dropping and wee PA absolutely can not stand winter. Yet another factor that adds to me not wanting to do a damn thing. I really must get my stupid arse moving with at least some form of something…something at least “amusing?”

Well, here’s something…amusing?

I came by a free iMac. Ahhh…you’re all thinking, ‘Whoa, PA! Great score!’ Heh.

It’s a G3 with an 18GB HDD. Someone boosted it up to 512MB RAM…woo hoo! There is some software on it and it does work. It’s actually running OSX. The only issue (well, maybe not the only one) is the DVD (ROM, not burner haha) is broken but I have MacBook and a home DVD player already. But now I have an external keyboard and a mouse if I ever get tired of a tiny keyboard and a touchpad. That’s kind of cool. And the guy who checked it out and did some work on it thinks there’s a wifi card in it?

I don’t know. I haven’t looked at it. It’s still sitting in the box as again, I’m too unmotivated to do anything *rolls eyes*

Ah, well. It was free. And it does work. Kind of fun to have a nice Mac antique…or it will be in about a month? I’ll have Mac Guru take a gander when he visits me next time.

Oh, and for all the Mac Heads out there…I got the “Indigo” model *laughing* Actually, that is quite good. Some of their colours were rather hideous when they came out with the iMacs back then!

  1. exactscience

    I am insanely jealous.

    I love mac computers, my friend had a G3 tower – which his daughter spilt grape juice over? maybe that was his thinkpad – it was running jaguar and I loved it.

    I have been facing PC woes at the moment and the idea of having a second if underpowered PC around strikes me as a good one. If your mac guru is super smart set it up as media server.

    Or dedicate it to another task? Writing perhaps. A sit down to write environment with a nice spacious keyboard might help spark some creativity.

    Regards to nothing to right about- limitations spark creativity, limit yourself to a certain number of posts a week or month?

    Finally to bring it full circle check out scrivener I have been pining to use this forever and I love the index card metaphor and wiki style outlining for writing. Perhaps you, like me, like whizzy new tools.

    Indigo FTW et Connected is aural coolness


  2. exactscience

    Homonyms slay my writing. Above comment should have read, ‘nothing to write about.’ I must learn to proof read


  3. Hey exactscience, good to see you. Ah, don’t be too jealous…it’s okay.

    Actually, I had a “water incident” with my MacBook. The keyboard was fine but some of it started to seep under/behind the screen! It was getting all bubbly and looking kind of strange. I thought, ‘oh great…I’m going to have to take it to Apple…’ Even though I did by AppleCare…

    But magically in a couple of days, everything was fine and bubbly screen gone. Macs are tough?

    Actually, Mac Guru could probably do that. He’s been serving up his own stuff for a while now. Or networking…or something. Huh. Good suggestion. I’m tech dumb.

    That tool looks kind of neat. I don’t really fancy myself that much of a writer though *laughing* I’m happy to just sit away rambling in a Word doc.

    I’m glad you’re still liking my music as well. Although, sometimes I throw up (no pun intended?) some really fucking who-knows-what-the hell-shit just to freak some people out. Or try to make them laugh.

    However, everyone has different tastes so maybe they might like it? I have absolutely no clue who reads this blog–well, again, apart from my regulars. And I am eclectic. I mean, shit…if I have it in my iTunes library…

    Okay, that’s it! Time for some pop schmaltz on MP3 Of The Moment! Dedicated just to you exactscience

    Well, not lyrically…that would be kind of weird. We don’t even know each other and well…you’ll see *PA laughing hard now*


  4. Ooooh, you slipped back in there while I was commenting exactscience. Not to worry. I got it.


  5. Hi PA… I’ve been checking in on you everyday… I’ve been posting on my own blog everyday (somedays 2x a day) – there’s nothing special going on in my life either, but for some reason I feel a need to break up the monotony by blogging. Hey, it’s better than getting run over by a truck!

    I have a macbook – i love it!


  6. Hi Rach, you are so sweet for coming here every day when nothing is happening!!! *laughing* Perhaps that will encourage me to start writing more? And get out and start reading everyone else? I am still sucking at that too!

    Oh well, I guess it’s a quick click along the way through your regular reads?

    Sure, everyone has their own methods, styles and reasons for blogging. That’s what makes it such a great form of expression. I was just thinking the other day about how much I really used to enjoy it and now…well…what happened?

    I don’t think that it’s the fact that I’ve lost all enjoyment for it…I’m just sort of…I don’t know! But I’m not done with it yet…oh, no. Not closing up shop!

    Yes, MacBooks are great–all Macs in general! I’ve wanted a Mac simply forever. Well, I bought a “PowerBook,” as they were called in the late 90s but it was used. I mean, who knows how old it was! It still worked but a few bugs for sure–battery not good, time wouldn’t stick. Minor, but it still works to this day.

    It weighs a tonne HAHA!

    I agonized over MacBook. I finally bought it as a belated birthday present for myself in late March of this year with some of my pittance of an inheritance from my Nana (PA does not come from wealth–be assured everyone!)

    Ex-partner was like…”Oh do it, do it!!!” I was sort of laughing and thinking…’Not a good thing to do: Encourage someone with Bipolar to go on big spending sprees?’ Heh.

    Anyway, I am glad that I did it. Especially since when ex-partner and I broke up, she kept the shitty, desktop Dell we bought that gave us nothing but problems anyway (sorry ex-partner…)

    We’ve talked about it recently and how she’s dying for a MacBook since I’ve gotten mine. Now, I’m telling her, “Oh, do it, do it!!!” She is as reluctant to spend the money as I was…well, that’s probably because my money was basically “found money;” hers has to come out of her paycheque.

    I was also reluctant to spend large sums of money on myself. I don’t feel I deserve indulgences. A CD, a book or something but…a couple of thousand for a computer? Ex-partner finally said it would be worth it as I would use it. She was right, of course. She was right about so may things… Well, except for our break up of course. That was me. (Again, sorry ex-partner…)

    Oh well, at least we’re still good friends. That’s a fucking miracle–at least for me. That’s always as it should have been, really.

    Well, crap. For not being able to write posts, I sure can write comments! I think it’s because I haven’t had my tea yet.

    Bullshit. You ramble all the time PA. *grin*

    Alright, maybe I’ll even squeak out a post today…who knows? It certainly won’t be about my laundry as that’s all I’m am doing today. Unless anyone is interested in PA’s laundry? I have it all nicely sorted and ready go. And I did my linens yesterday. Mmmm…nice clean sheets! Nothing like that!

    Okay, shutting up now.


  7. sodajerk

    maybe a bit of time with nothing mega going on in yer life is good for you PA,stress level wise at least.


  8. Hi sodajerk, yes, I suppose that could be true. That is something to ponder. I guess I’m just sort of feeling like a barely, animate object right now *laughing*

    Ah, well…maybe I’ll get more animated soon.

    Here’s comes a post, I guess, about last night…so at least my fingers are moving at the keyboard and I did move then *shrug*


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